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Embassy law, diplomatic and immigration legal services offered by Europlaw Group

Europlaw Group, operating mostly in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, is recognised as one of the pre-eminent law firms practicing in the area of international, embassy, diplomatic and immigration law. One of the directors of Europlaw Group has 15 years of experience in diplomatic missions, countries, and foreign nationals. Europlaw Group is skilled in handling complex disputes giving consideration to culture, customs, and traditions. Europlaw Group is a member of The International Association of Lawyers (UIA- Union Internationale des Avocats) based in Paris, France that brings together over 2000 individual members and 200 bars, federations and association members, from more than 110 countries.
Europlaw Group acts as legal counsel for countries, embassies, and foreign nationals. Foreign embassies/missions face a range of legal issues on a daily basis, from establishing business contracts with service providers to litigation and criminal defense representation for mission personnel. Anticipating the cost of legal counsel provided by attorneys is one of the most difficult challenges when budgeting for mission operations.

Europlaw Group can provide in-house attorneys, legal counsel and lawyers to foreign embassies through our association with The International Association of Lawyers (UIA- Union Internationale des Avocats) worldwide. Europlaw Group is a current legal services provider and proudly offers legal services to various foreign embassies within the Republic of South Africa.

Europlaw Group offers international foreign embassies the option of a monthly flat fee for a range of predetermined services. The flat-fee arrangement can help the foreign mission save many thousands of dollars in unexpected and unbudgeted legal costs.

Europlaw Group’s directors, partners and associates have extensive experience and expertise within the diplomatic corps and are advising and served legal and labor advisory services to many of the Foreign Embassies in the Republic of South Africa. The Department of International Relations and Cooperation is the supporting channel for all foreign Embassies located within South Africa and Europlaw Group offers an added value service to their respective National Ministries, clients, investors and businesses of the country in question and to build long term mutual business collaborations between the various foreign Embassies located in South Africa and Europlaw Group.

Upon consulting with our law firm, we will determine a flat monthly contract fee, which will include handling of diplomatic issues and embassy representation for:
  • Business contracts and negotiations
  • Embassy personnel taxation matters
  • Apostile services
  • Immigration concerns
  • Labour matters
  • Diplomatic matters
  • Local and International legal opinions
  • International business transactions
  • International satellite disputes
  • Airline purchases and commercial airline leases
  • Embassy staff DUI and criminal defense representation
  • International Business Law
If you are engaged in an international business, we can protect you as well. Our international business law (in-house) attorneys know exactly how to deal with problems overseas and will actually travel to take care of your legal matters.

We also offer services to our international clients to Apostil original documents as required by law enforcement agencies and corporate organizations worldwide via the prescribed requirements of all foreign Embassies in the Republic of South Africa and via the confirmation of both the South African Police Services and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

The group’s core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, experts from the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, audit and tax advisory we deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates. The group’s senior partner structure allows seasoned and experienced lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate experts to work together in competent teams for successful operations in locations worldwide.

Please have a look at the corporate introduction video of Europlaw Group:

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