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Be the care in 2016

Another year, another moment to bring together the people of Cape Town for a bit of social development. From the Euclid Society, we would like to say thank you to all the organisations who have supported us over the past two years and who continue to support us in the future. From the University of Cape Town for the use of their premises during our graduation ceremony last year to Shoprite for their trucks and soup to assist with the food insecurity faced by the people of Elsies River - our actions would not be possible without you. We also must mention the Westin Hotel for their donations of linen keeping many women warm this past winter as well as our partner organisations at Sustainable Brothers and Sisters, the Global Youth Forum, Free Culture and No Danger Diaries.
To our beneficiaries, we aim to broaden the reach of our programmes in 2016 and bring you more of the same hunger towards changing the lives of those around us. We see lots of potential in the world and see the effect our collective effort has within those who gain from our actions. We are happy to say that the jurisdiction of those who have benefitted from our assistance are from Elsies River, Bo-Kaap, Cape Town CBD, Athlone, Woodstock, Malawi Camp, Phillipi and Langa. We are humbled to have been able to assist organisations such as the Haven Night Shelter, St. Anne’s Children home and the Saatjie Baartmen Centre for abused children – through a bigger membership base in 2016, we aim to grow our reach and help even more people in future.

Join us in 2016 as we bring together young graduates from universities across South Africa, concerned professionals with a social responsibility and any individual who believes that their gifts and talents were made both for their own development and the growth of the greater society as a whole. Contact us and join our operating programmes for 2016:
  1. The Community Kitchen delivering warm meals to people of Elsies River
  2. The Haven Library project to setup libraries at each Haven Night Shelter
  3. Financial Literacy for small business development
  4. StreetWise to improve income earning ability of homeless people
  5. Elearning aimed at improving the access low-income communities have towards e-learning material
  6. Anti-human-trafficking which is an extension of the StreetWise programme but specifically for the purpose of helping those affected by human trafficking
  7. The Community Invitational aimed at stimulating the youth through sport
  8. Eternship which assists students in trade-type disciplines with practical training in the aims of working towards their professional status
Lastly, we want to say thank you to our members who so honestly and effectively award their time to the betterment of the lives of others. What would our organisation be without the concern we have for others? A fact which brings us the most joy and also more regularly allows us to believe the goodness of the world exists in full force and if you scratch just a little, it will overflow to all of society.

17 Feb 2016 14:26


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