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The Mobile Soup Kitchen needs an ice-cream truck

Sunday's Mobile Soup Kitchen on the 30th of November 2014 was the first day of the collaboration between The Euclid Society, No Danger Diaries, Sustainable Brothers and Sisters and The Haven Night Shelter - and what a collaboration it was. We helped fill the empty tummies of more people than ever before as a result and we know so much good will still come of this partnership.
The Mobile Soup Kitchen needs an ice-cream truck
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The Mobile Soup Kitchen operates in Goodwood and Elsies River in the Northern Suburbs. It has been operating on the last Sunday of each month since May 2014 but now we have a collaboration that will see it grow and develop into much more than we ever expected.

No Danger Diaries represents a group of individuals eager to bring social development to the minds of the world. Sustainable Brothers and Sisters aims to bring practical and sustainable solutions to the urban environment and the Haven Night Shelter has plenty of surplus food and vegetables that our Mobile Soup Kitchen will gladly accept as donations. The Euclid Society then brings together all of these wonderful organisations in the aims of creating a few smiles and promoting the care we would like to see in the world.

How you may ask? Well, through our newly found donors, we will be able to operate the Soup Kitchen twice a month and therefore feed twice as many people.

The Mobile Soup Kitchen needs an ice-cream truck
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Using this increased ability to operate, we can initiate our plan for the Soup Kitchen - a brainchild of No Danger Diaries and Sustainable Brothers and Sisters. We will request and assist the guests to our Soup Kitchen to fill empty two-litre bottles with litter in exchange for the soup we offer. These two-litre bottles then become eco-bricks that will be used to construct our very own vegetable gardens our organisations will use for a few other ideas we have in the pipeline that we hope will even further increase the social awareness achieved through this programme.

Interesting? Well if you love the idea (which we feel you might) come and volunteer at the next Mobile Soup Kitchen in December and find out how you can feed a few empty tummies and make the world a greener place in the process.

Considering all the activity and progress - it just makes us wonder - we might start to need an ice-cream truck with all the bells and whistles so enough soup can be transported at one particular time for all the homeless people we hope to serve in the future. Next objective: ice-cream truck!

We want change and we want you to be part of it: email az.gro.set@divad for more information of how to get involved.

4 Dec 2014 14:43



David Hamilton
David Hamilton
Mobile food trucks have been using storage containers and I think it is a good choice as they are mobile and provide ample space. Space, as we are aware of, is crucial for a kitchen. There is a need to prepare proper storage for food items, utensils, as well as a good stove and preparation area.
Posted on 16 Oct 2018 06:46