Moving Tactics secures reseller right to X2O Media software for the Africa market

Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, has secured the rights to resell the internationally acclaimed real-time visual communications software from X2O Media, for the South African and Africa markets.
The X2O software platform, built on the power of HTML5, introduces an advanced level of digital capability never before available in South Africa. Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics, explains, "X2O is a game changer in the industry. The X2O platform can be used as either a cloud-based solution or can be built into an enterprise environment. This allows any type of business to configure the digital platform for a multitude of uses, from corporate communications to retail digital signage to digital menu boards. It enables users to communicate key messages in real-time and target consumers via a range of digital devices, whether they are digital screens, interactive kiosks, tablets or smartphones - all from one solution."

Moving Tactics secures reseller right to X2O Media software for the Africa market
Moving Tactics has been working with top retailers, restaurant chains, convenience store outlets and cellular service companies in implementing the X2O functionality. In particular, Food Lovers Market, FreshStop, Hungry Lion (part of the Shoprite Group), and several Famous Brands outlets have been trialling and implementing the platform across the country for in-store digital signage, music and radio applications.

Day says, "Clients are astonished at how effortless and effective the content management system tools are to operate. They quickly and easily facilitate the creation of rich media content and allow this content to be shared with internal and external users via a range of channels. Also, the add-on services such as queue management, tailored in-store music and radio, and video training-on-demand (TOD) are proving popular."

X2O Media currently works with companies in numerous industry verticals in North America and Europe and has made the decision to enter the South African market due to the increase in organisations deploying innovative digital signage and communications solutions. "We see great potential in the South African market and we've been very impressed with the passion and technical advancement of the high-end solutions being used and implemented here," says David Wilkins, President of X2O Media. "We wanted to introduce the X2O software platform to the SA market with a strong partner that already operates in South Africa and neighbouring African countries."

The high-end technical capabilities of X2O and its adaptability to specific local and regional application environments made the software platform an easy choice says Kevin Bierman, Head of Digital Signage Solutions at Moving Tactics. "X2O is so far ahead of the current platforms being used that it's a bit like the proverbial 'new frontier' for this industry. The advantages over others include the fact that it's an end-to-end HTML5-based platform that enables X2O channels to be created and managed from one interface, saving users significant amounts of effort and costs in cross-publishing. The HTML5 technology also enables broadcast-quality graphics, video and dynamic content that immediately grab viewers' attention," explains Bierman.

The increased functionality of X2O makes it possible to link to multiple real-time data sources such as RSS feeds, corporate databases such as SAP and Oracle, and collaboration sites like Microsoft SharePoint. "These X2O features are what enable the giant leap in interactivity and integration of information. Dynamic objects can be linked to data feeds like news, weather, traffic or financial information and will update automatically on any screen. This also applies to user-generated content from social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile interactivity to your network of digital displays is possible by dynamically displaying QR codes," adds Bierman.

Moving Tactics will be focusing on solidifying the position of the product in the SA market and through the introduction of the X2O solution, will be working with clients to expand its footprint on the continent.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company that develops customised digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative communication solutions.

23 Jul 2013 13:39