Just a spoonful of retail TV is proof enough for Edgars

Marketing in-store, the point at which the brand comes into contact with the consumer, is described as the "moment of truth".
“The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” says Chris Day of Moving Tactics (MT). The ‘eating' for Edgars, the biggest retailer in the Southern Hemisphere, was in the form of a taste of in-store Digital TV (DTV) during a 30-day trial period. And it proved to be highly satisfactory. The responses from the dipstick research conducted in the 9000m2, three-storey store proved to be so favourable that Edgars launched a DTV activation in its top 25 stores from 1 March.

“The results merely mirrored opinions at a marketing conference of brand marketers, retailers and ad agencies last year,” says Day. “Retail marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to promotional tools and advertising displays. The reason? Retail DTV is the most effective, single point of contact for advertisers to increase communication with potential consumers. The G-spot for changing people's minds and increasing sales. In essence these screens become a digital brand ambassador and salesman.”

Marketers have lost no time in jumping on this ‘brandwagon' in the Edgars' stores - 75% of the advertising space for the year was signed up prior to launch. The brand buy in for flighting on the 600 screens includes beauty houses: Elizabeth Arden, Revlon and Almay, Aramis, a wide range of designer fragrances, as well as Adidas, Levi Footwear, Fila, MTN, Blackberry, Triumph and Playtex. It's hardly surprising when the ‘moment of truth' costs advertisers just 2 cents per ten second flighting, with the advert appearing once every 10 minutes. And your 2 cents worth in Edgars, a store where the average shopper spends an hour at least two - three times a month, is not to be sneezed at. In short these brand ambassadors will be working over eight hours a day, interacting with customers, driving consumer demand, changing people's minds and increasing sales.

“One of the attractions for brand managers, apart from the value price,” says Day, “is that MT offers a flexible sales strategy. For example, we encourage brands to utilise the platform to promote product launches, in store promotions or special offers. This allows brands to sign up for three or six non-consecutive months and still enjoy a three or six months reduced rate. Suppliers enjoy the freedom to use in-store DTV tactically in a seasonal and competitive environment. It's a win-win situation. It's not surprising that brands have realized the potential of in-store DTV as a sales' tool and consumers are offered great prices and promotions.

600 x 40 inch TV screens visible from 10m - situated strategically at ‘hotspots' such as entrances, walkways, customer services and till points - act as the brand ambassadors. The adverts flighted include stills, flash animation and as well as shortened TV commercials with a five second added value tail. The 10-minute loop is interspersed with fashion and beauty tips, lifestyle trends and space for internal Edgar's promotions (Club, financial services and Edgar's consumer offers).

“Not only are packages flexible,” adds Day, “but we encourage advertisers to customise their adverts specifically for in-store DTV. The content is not based on a single formula for all brands or some kind of blanket solution. Which is why we work closely with retailers and brands to make sure the shopper and environment is understood and targeted appropriately. We create customized solutions. Research has proven that the optimum advert length should be between 10 and 15 seconds, incorporating a 5-second call to action tail.”

The aim? To interact with the customer, energise them and create brand intimacy at the point of purchase.

In addition to the roll out of 600 in-store DTV in 25' stores, Moving Tactics are also providing marketing solutions for Picardi Rebel, Ultra Liquors, Makro and Midas stores nationwide.

10 May 2010 10:44