Independent research proves retail digital TV is top

35% of Picardi shoppers make impulse buying decisions based on in-store digital TV advertising.
“The proof,” it is said, “is in the pudding.” Chris Day, MD of Moving Tactics, an alternative media company, has stated a number of times that “digital media advertising changes people's minds, in-store.” And now he has produced the pudding. Last month Day commissioned independent consumer research company, Freshly Ground Insights (FGI), to interview shoppers as they left Picardi Rebel outlets. The reason? To determine the efficacy of digital TV screens as an advertising medium.

The results not only reinforced the initial positive informal feedback but were even better than anticipated. 500 Shoppers in 10 stores were interviewed upon departure, the results were digitally recorded on site, photographs taken and feedback was available almost immediately.

“The results mirrored opinions at a recent marketing conference of brand marketers, retailers and ad agencies,” says Day. “That retail marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to promotional tools and advertising displays.”

The stores were carefully selected to incorporate a robust sample of consumer data - a cross section of shoppers across a selection of stores. Each respondent was asked a number of questions around the use of audio in advertising, special offers and call to action as well as brand retention. Some of the topline results include:
  • The majority of respondents noticed the TV screens and felt it attracted their attention, especially the change of tempo and phasing in and out of sound.
  • The three top adverts recalled utilised sound and were also the most frequently bought brands.
  • Most customers went into the shop with a “shopping list” but felt the digital media could, or did, influence their purchasing decision.
  • Consumers watched the TV for updates, store specials and information on new brands.
Marketing in-store, the point at which the brand comes into contact with the consumer, is described as the ‘moment of truth' and the conversion to a brand purchase at this point is first prize. And research indicates that digital retail TV is creating winners!

Day highlights four specific results that are of major importance:
  • 74% saw the TV screens with a large percentage being drawn to watching the adverts, thanks to audio being used.
  • 91% either watched or glanced at the screens.
  • 35% made an impulse purchase.
  • 59% said it changed their shopping experience - from introducing new products to brand purchase influence.
Darron Swersky, Joint Managing Director of the Picardi Rebel Group, where Moving Tactics has installed 110 screens in 45 of its flagship stores is delighted. “This independent research confirms for us the fact that high quality moving visuals with tailor-made audio communication, via multiple screens, definitely works. The key for us is communicating the right offer and the right promotion, effectively. In essence the screens become a digital brand ambassador and digital salesman.”

The concept of entertaining shoppers as well as giving them critical information, which triggers buying decisions, has had the buy in from big brands like Distell, Brandhouse and SAB.

However, despite the positive research results Day maintains that for this medium to work for a brand, it needs to be used optimally. “The aim is to energise and create brand intimacy at the point of purchase. The audio helps bring the message to life. It becomes an in-store salesperson, able to inform customers about what is on offer and any specials. The short SMS service, with flash voice-overs, means there can be a call to action for customers via promotions, competitions, price incentives and instant redemption via coupons.”

As marketing budgets shrink and disposable income diminishes, the inexorable movement away from the traditional advertising medium continues. And retail digital TV seems to be maintaining the number one spot.

Moving Tactics will undertake independent research twice a year to ensure that retail digital TV is achieving results, with full reporting back to clients to ensure the value add around the experience is maintained.

3 Jun 2009 11:56