Humanoid gets the girl

Humanoid's duo of directors just turned into a trio with the addition of a feminine touch in the shape of Verushka Vogt. Since its inception three years ago, Verushka is the first new director to join the group of filmmakers.
Humanoid gets the girlIt all started with researching for Egg+Humanoid, and naturally over time developed into collaboration. Verushka earlier in the year directed the Cape Town scenes for the Cell C spots directed by Humanoids' Greg [Rom] when the crazy schedule did not allow for shooting in both cities. “We were all so impressed by her work and her work ethic,” says fellow Humanoid and editor Evy Katz. “She has her own unique directing style that will complement that of Greg and Terence [Neale].”

Though she's fairly fresh to the director's chair, Verushka already has several short films and commercials, including a VUKA! - winning PSA on her reel. The idea is to have an environment where Verushka can move into directing with the back-up of the Humanoids, whether in the form of collaborating or support.

She sees her previous experience as a researcher as "invaluable in terms of honing conceptual and technical skills". However, after her years hoarding all sorts of influences and "beautiful things" as she calls them, Verushka is looking forward to joining up with the guys from Humanoid. “Our styles are quite different but I think will create an interesting mix and will hopefully fuel more dynamic and exciting work in the time to come. Woop woop...”

Apart from the curious "woop woop", Verushka also brings with her an obsessively keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting performance and narratives, not to mention valuable points towards Humanoid becoming more politically correct.

Besides her passion for the job, Verushka has a few other peculiar interests: “I love dollies, travelling on trains and old people,” says Verushka. How exactly one travels on old people, or if it is even legal, remains a mystery - one that her fellow Humanoids are happy to overlook for the great new addition to their already outstanding** company.

Humanoid works in collaboration with Egg Films out of the Egg Jhb offices, making this a particularly exciting time for Verushka to join the company. And apparently she smells really nice.

** Writer gets paid extra for adjectives. And for resisting the urge to refer to Verushka as V-joller.

14 Nov 2008 15:13


good on ya.
Posted on 14 Nov 2008 16:05
Greg Gray
Well done Verushka.....You'll be great
Posted on 14 Nov 2008 19:57
for V!!!
Posted on 17 Nov 2008 11:07
Go V, you are the future
Posted on 17 Nov 2008 16:41
You left out probably one of the most important aspects of her personality: If Verushka is not the nicest person in this industry, she is a strong contender. She is also kind, smart and hard working. Congratulations V...! You'll do well
Posted on 18 Nov 2008 10:22
All Stars Belong In The Sky-
Congratulations V. In the words of John Meyer: one day our generation is gonna rule the population. M.J - you're next!!
Posted on 20 Nov 2008 17:10