Nicci Cox to head Egg JHB

Egg JHB is now running at full steam. In just over a year, the small satellite office, originally opened to house the Humanoids, is now also home to director Slim, plus a soon-to-be-announced new Humanoid director. Since opening, Colin Howard has overseen the Jo'burg office, but recent growth has made the office ready for its own executive producer and Nicci Cox has been promoted to fill the position.
Nicci Cox to head Egg JHB“It's difficult to appoint an EP to a company,” says Colin Howard, “they need to embrace the culture, buy into the vision, and earn the respect of the directors. Nicci has evolved into this role naturally, and part of Jo'burg's success is a result of Nicci's support and energy! She has already made her mark, so strengthening our offering.”

Nicci's career in the industry spans some ten years during which time she has steadily earned credibility and respect as a driven directors' producer who embraces creativity. Her new role will include forging agency relationships and mentoring directors alongside Colin, ensuring Egg remains top of its game.

“One of my goals is to strengthen the Jo'burg office's position in the local market so that it's recognised in its own right” says Nicci. “I love the team surrounding me and am inspired by their creativity and passion!”

31 Oct 2008 16:07