Egg and Humanoid to collaborate

Cape Town production company Egg Films' recently announced alliance with Johannesburg-based filmmakers Humanoid will see the Humanoid creative collective of directors Greg Rom and Terence Neale and editor Evy Katz remain at their Johannesburg offices, while Egg will take over the executive production role, as well as all administration and back-office mechanisms.
Comments Egg executive producer, Colin Howard, "Having been a Cape Town-based company for the past eight years, a large portion of our director-based work still comes from Johannesburg agencies.

"Rather than have a small shell of an office in Johannesburg to facilitate this work, we have been searching for the right directing talent to give us a good reason to open a creative office there."

Although Humanoid has already achieved success in a short period of time, Howard believes that by providing the directors with the correct career management and production support, they will be given the freedom to work on only the best creative projects and in that way build their careers to a much higher level.

"The 2006 Loeries, where three of our Egg directors won Gold Awards and our inclusion in the Gunn Report's 25 Most Awarded Production Companies for 2006, is testament to this way of working. Our directors have developed their careers by being afforded the opportunity of working only the most creative projects," says Howard.

"And now the Humanoid directors will be able to benefit from this same philosophy."

The structure of the Humanoid team will remain the same, with Julia Schnurr continuing to produce for the Johannesburg team, along with the back-up of Howard.

Humanoid will continue to be based at the Media Mill in Auckland Park but all administration will now be run from Egg"s offices in Cape Town. "In this way, they will be able to benefit from our expertise without changing the resourcefulness of their lean team for which they have become renown," explains Howard.

The creative collaboration has already borne fruit, with two projects currently in pre-production.
30 Jun 2007 14:38