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Telviva, formerly Connection Telecom, is a market leader in cloud-based communications for business. Seamlessly integrating voice, video and chat in one intelligent platform, Telviva enables you to have better quality conversations with customers, suppliers and staff.
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Three key considerations for a great business communications platform - Stability, functionality and innovationThe world is evolving at breakneck speed, and the world of unified communications is no different, with innovations catapulting us into an exciting future with augmented reality and the ability to build rich, textured value for users. 13 Oct 2021 Read more

In a mobile workforce, the new gold standard is synchronicityIt is underpinned by building a runway to the cloud based on synchronicity 14 Sep 2021 Read more

AI is not a panacea to all business problems but is key to augmenting conversational communicationsAI and machine learning are useful tools in a war chest to improve a host of processes, not least customer service, say leading executives in SA 24 Aug 2021 Read more

A single view of all communications channels is crucial to retain and grow the customer baseThe business world has spoken about the need for unified communications platforms for more than a decade, and for good cause. In an era where instant gratification rules the roost, the absence of a single view of all communication results in organisations quite literally leaving new business on the table and losing existing customers to competitors. 12 Jul 2021 Read more

Omnichannel: a single point of contact to build successful customer relationshipsAs organisations around the world come to terms with the biggest disruption in living memory, the fundamentals of a successful business remain intact, and one of the most important of these pillars is relationships. 1 Jun 2021 Read more

Compliant call recording unlocks a treasure trove of business benefits, says TelvivaWhile almost everyone has heard the phrase "This call may be recorded for quality control purposes" while waiting to speak to a business service representative or call centre operator, businesses are starting to appreciate that the effective and compliant recording of conversations has evolved from humble beginnings into a strategy to provide a strategic business advantage. 12 Apr 2021 Read more

Why the future of business communications is about more than technologyEven prior to the pandemic, communications were transitioning into more digital-friendly environments. Today, the focus is on delivering an omnichannel experience for customers, understanding their unique requirements, and delivering value while remaining compliant and positioning the organisation for future growth as cost-effectively as possible. 24 Mar 2021 Read more

Do you really know the real cost of a lost business opportunity?Snap question for CEOs and decision-makers: What is the lifetime value of your average customer? Do you have this figure, in rands and cents, at your fingertips? If you don't, you're probably not able to grasp the real cost of a lost opportunity if a customer's call or request does not get the attention and service it requires. Arguably, failing to understand the real lifetime time value of a customer can be equated to not understanding your company's cash flow and annual expenses. Why? Simply because these numbers add up over time, and one lost customer (due to poor customer service or a missed call) can equate to many thousands - or millions - of rands in lost revenue over several years from not securing the opportunity presented. And let's face it, few companies can afford to miss opportunities in such a difficult economic environment. 12 Feb 2021 Read more

Unified communications: Leveraging the business platform of the futureAs businesses across sectors consider various new modes of work to drive business performance, there is an increasing urgency to streamline and optimise communication channels - for both internal and external functions. Without a doubt, the health and economic crises of recent months has accelerated corporate transitions into cloud environments, and placed collaboration tools such as video conferencing and instant chats at the forefront of daily business. 25 Jan 2021 Read more

Enabling your sales teams with unified communications by locally developed, Telviva OneIn recent months, the need for companies to deliver secure and scalable communications and collaboration solutions, tools and applications has seen significant growth in the worldwide unified communications (UC) market. In fact, IDC research shows that global UC and collaboration revenue grew 12.4% from the first to second quarter of 2020 to hit $11.5bn. 24 Nov 2020 Read more

Integrate your business voice calls, video and chat for R159 per user from Telviva OneA journey that began more than a decade ago with the Telviva Cloud Phone Service, regarded as the most powerful business phone system in South Africa, has culminated with the arrival of the Telviva One unified communications (UC) platform to integrate voice, video and chat. 17 Nov 2020 Read more