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We are a conversational marketing company, using chatbots, targeted messaging and artificial Intelligence to create customer-centric experiences.
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When to use chatbots vs live chatIf you're making use of chatbot and live chat solutions in your conversational marketing strategy, you're already well on your way to ensuring a happy working relationship with new and existing customers. 26 Jan 2021 Read more

Conversational marketing and chatbots 101: Understanding the buyers' journeyIn a technologically advanced world that promotes fast-paced consumerism and instant gratification, 21st-century consumers have become that much more demanding. 20 Nov 2020 Read more

Why conversational marketing is the key to customer retentionIf customer retention is the cornerstone of any successful business, then customer churn is its Achilles' heel, and is particularly detrimental to B2B businesses. 6 Nov 2020 Read more

Here's why conversational marketing is key to accelerating revenueIf consumers are no longer buying things the way they used to, you can safely assume that the way businesses have been taught to sell things is not half as effective as it was years ago. 26 Oct 2020 Read more

How conversational marketing can optimise your B2B sales cycleToday's consumers have become very specific about how they want to engage and interact with companies. With the ever-changing digital environment eliminating human interaction from the sales process, all a consumer needs to become a loyal customer is conversation and personalisation, and B2B customers are no different to any other. 20 Oct 2020 Read more