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Potent turmeric extract helps protect brain from chemical exposure - studyA powerful turmeric extract may help protect the brain against a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including aluminium-induced neurotoxicity caused from daily exposure to chemicals in some cookware, cosmetics and medicines, a new study shows. 25 Mar 2021 Read more

Boost immunity for double whammy of third Covid wave and winterAs South Africans brace for at least one more wave of Covid-19 in the middle of the winter flu season, a clinical review recommends that healthy nutrition and supplementation with vitamins, minerals and probiotics may benefit immunity and prevent or ease viral infections. 15 Mar 2021 Read more

SA's kelp beds may hold key to relief from eczema - researchThe pristine Western Cape's kelp beds, featured recently in the film My Octopus Teacher, are not only home to an amazing array of marine life but also contain compounds shown to help address a host of debilitating skin conditions, according to research. 9 Mar 2021 Read more

Regular, structured exercise sufficient to lower risk of mental illness - studyMaintaining an active lifestyle and exercising regularly has stronger mental health benefits than intermittent bouts of intense aerobic activity, a new study has found. 23 Feb 2021 Read more

Now cheaper to buy than rent for first-time SA home buyers - global expertSelected properties under R1.5m are now significantly more affordable to buy than rent, offering first-time homeowners an unprecedented opportunity to get into the property market, says global property expert Toni Enderli. 19 Feb 2021 Read more

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