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How to perform an e-commerce basket analysis and what to do with the data?What is e-commerce market basket analysis? 17 Dec 2019 Read more

Tips to avoid keyword stuffing when content writing for search engine optimisationYou've written a page on the new range of shoes you are selling on your e-commerce website. You have included relevant keywords such as 'shoes for sale' and 'shoes on sale' plus 'where to buy shoes near me' and 'best summer shoes in South Africa' at least six times each in the hope of good search rankings. But your page is a minefield of keywords that no website user would be able to read with ease. You are guilty of 'keyword stuffing'. 9 Dec 2019 Read more

Tshepo MaloaVideo content production is costly and time-consuming. Whatever you do, don't forget a few basic principles to help ensure your video has the basic principles in place for search engines. 7 Nov 2019 Read more

Is your paid media working as hard as you are?It's 99% likely your paid media campaigns are far from optimal 6 Nov 2019 Read more

Gaining more visibility on Google, a beginner's guideMany of us put a lot of time, money and effort into the design and development of a website that is just not getting the traffic we expected. 10 Jul 2019 Read more

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