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Prepaid24 is an online seller of prepaid electricity & vouchers. Since our founding in 2009, we've attained a #1 national HelloPeter ranking for expert service & personal customer care.
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Highest electricity price increase of last decade
As South Africans, we've become rather accustomed to the prices of just about everything going up on an annual basis. Electricity is no different. 24 Jun 2021 Read more

Most employers are doing prepaid purchases the hard way - Are you one?
Do you have a heavily overloaded HR department or a poor administrative clerk with the responsibility of sorting out all your business' prepaid airtime, data and electricity purchases on a weekly or monthly basis? 26 Nov 2020 Read more

How to buy electricity at the lowest possible rate
How should I buy my electricity to make sure that I pay the best rate possible? With Eskom and municipal rates being what they are today, every South African is asking (or should) be asking this question. 19 Oct 2020 Read more

The importance of support when transacting online
The world we live in today is far from perfect or ideal. The online commercial arena is no different. Things go wrong, with new problems arising on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Online businesses exist for the purpose of solving as many of these problems faster and more efficiently than ever before - provided that doing so is commercially viable. 2 Sep 2020 Read more

Prepaid24: The need to provide online convenience
People shop online for various reasons. Necessity. Savings. Anonymity. Service. These are words that shoppers regularly use to explain why they choose to transact online. 23 Oct 2019 Read more

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