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Will stronger sanctions on Zimbabwe aid the people's cause?

It seems the Zimbabwean people have lost their voices in all this madness and it looks like things will be getting worse before they can get any better. 9 Jul 2008

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No ho-ho!

The season of - "Oh hell, it's Noel" seems to come around a little faster each year, or are the retailers attempting to talk us in to Christmas specials earlier each year, in the hope that by the time that Christmas finally arrives, we will have been back for a second or third chance at the 'special offers'? 8 Nov 2005

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Poor service

There is never enough said on poor service in SA. Poor service extends right across the board. We need to keep the pressure up as consumers. 28 Sep 2005

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Greedy Cape Town business owners

Greedy Cape Town business owners should be named and shamed for killing the Golden Goose. 3 May 2005

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Eaten alive by bigger companies

Try to get a Big Company to give you the time of day, even when you're trying to do business with them that might just help them out! 3 Feb 2005

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Soon we will have a white christmas

Merry Christmas signs in my local Pick 'n Pay 26 Oct 2004

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