National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

How do I find if footage is available

How do I find if footage is available of a shoot that was done in early 1980's at Hartebeespoort dam for a series on effects of war on ordinary citizens? 19 Feb 2009

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3rd degree

Whatever happened to investigative journalism? 14 Mar 2007

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Old VW TV commercial

Looking for VW theme song 27 Nov 2006

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Car ads cluttering Tuesday nights

Tuesday is my TV night, and all my friends know not to call, interrupt, phone for a moan or even pop in. (Yes, I know I'm getting old.) With the likes of 'Smallville', 'Prison Break' and '24' on, supper is made early and then the couch marathon starts. 'Smallville' is sponsored by Citroen, 'Prison Break' by Peugeot, '24' by Kia... 24 May 2006

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Does my employer own every idea I conceptualize?

I'm employed to produce a certain TV show, but when I come up with a concept for a new show (totally different from the one I work on) why should my employer own MY concept? 2 Mar 2006

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Barbaric Fear Factor

I'm disgusted and disappointed in Fear Factor and for actually broadcasting such a barbaric program. The poor people desperate for R250 000 are blinded by money and the contracts they signed are for cheap entertainment. 24 Jan 2006

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SABC TV commissioning

One production house is responsible for two sitcoms and some drama on SABC TV. Is it because there are not enough production houses to do the work or is this one particularly above the rest? 9 Oct 2005

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TV channels losing viewers through advertising

The one thing that gets me changing channels is an untimely ad break. 17 May 2005

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Money begets money

I am by no means a newcomer to the television industry, having spent a good six years of my life working for a successful production house, but like most people I realised that the time to 'go it alone' had come and I'm giving it my best shot. The thing that confounds me the most tho', is the submission process. 2 May 2005

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Oprah! Oprah! Oprah!

Oprah is coming back - that is the best news I have heard in over six months about any TV programme. 9 Mar 2005

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Local Shows

Thank you to e-TV for free TV, but guys you got a lot to learn. "Scandal" during prime time!? 20 Feb 2005

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Cartoons these days are not child-friendly

The content of today's cartoons has lost the meaning I thought cartoons are supposed to potray - too computerised... 17 Feb 2005

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Aren't the new MWeb ads so funny...?

I must say, I had such a good laugh the other night with the new MWeb ad with the traffic cop. 16 Feb 2005

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The gremlins are on the loose in our TV newsrooms

Do you think our news broadcasts are professional? 7 Feb 2005

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Is MNET Almighty?

On Sunday night when I heard that M-Net was not to screen "Bruce Almighty" as advertised I thought the reason would be a religious one, after all when the film was released there was a relatively large outcry. However I was astonished to hear that it was in sensitivity to the Tsunami. 7 Feb 2005

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What's going on with M-Net's sound?

Is it just me or is everyone experiencing poor sound quality from M-Net? 31 Jan 2005

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Mini Convertable ad - I don't get it

Am I missing a twist or pun in the new Mini Convertable ad, or is it part of a series? 30 Jan 2005

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Backstage should stay Backstage

If it's the best youth soapie...why should I see Duke killing and stealing? How am I supposed to be motivated by gangstars? 30 Jan 2005

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Sun Silk ''Brazilian'' Ad

The most annoying ad to ever be flighted. The girl with the limp hair who feels like part of the furniture, but then gets all excited and Brazilian because of her shampoo. 20 Jan 2005

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The rise and rise and Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu

"3Talk with Noeleen" (SABC3 weekdays 17h30-18h30) is really a show to watch. 19 Jan 2005

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Inappropriate news footage

The visuals used in the background of etv's news insert regarding the alleged club bouncer beatings were not inside Tiger Tiger. 17 Nov 2004

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Are South Africans congenitally boring?

Having suffered for the cause and submitted myself to several episodes of The Block, I can only conclude that South Africans are the most boring people on the planet. 12 Oct 2004

Investigative journalism at its best!

Well done, Jessica Pitchford and the Special Assignment team, for sterling work in last night's exposé of corrupt cops in Johannesburg taking bribes from sex workers. 28 Sep 2004

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''Where do we come from?'' on Carte Blanche

If any of you missed it - on Sunday night Carte Blanche aired a very interesting show, tracing DNA and lineage back across the world. 22 Sep 2004

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Project Fame

Besides 5fm, why has this exceedingly horrid little show not got more bad press? 18 Aug 2004

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SABC's 3Bee Loyalty Campaign

I was already getting irritated with the distracting banners SABC3 continually run across the screen when programming is running late, and now we also have some little character bouncing around ... 2 Feb 2004

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Idols competition

"I have a huge gripe with the Idols competition going on at the moment. It is the most blatant display of racism that I have ever seen." 24 Aug 2003

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The Friday night dilemma

Sopranos, X-Files, Outerlimits all at the same time? Can't some of the goodness be spread over to some of the dull mid week slots? 11 May 2003

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No 'false' knight in Micatex ad

Cudoes to the makers of the Plascon Micatex ad for being so upfront about their use of "simulated hail". 14 Apr 2003

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