8 Aug 2020What do you need to do to become a professional teacher in South Africa workshopJohannesburg
8 Aug 2020A Night at The Circus - Cirque My RideCape Town
9 Aug 2020International Congress on Cell Science and Molecular Biology (IC-CSMB)MOMBASA
9 Aug 2020International Congress on Human Rights Educationmombasa
9 Aug 2020International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Science, Technology, Engineering and Managementmombasa
10 Aug 2020Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start up VenturesAbuja
10 Aug 2020Effective Risk Management in Organisational ContextNairobi
10 Aug 2020Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and Analysis for Projects and ProgrammesAbuja
10 Aug 2020Training on Accounting for NGOs using QuickBooksNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Contract ManagementNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Financial Modeling using ExcelNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Participatory Monitoring and EvaluationNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Health ProgrammesNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on data management and analysis using ExcelNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Mobile Data Collection/Data Management Using CommCareNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on GIS in HealthNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training on Rural DevelopmentNairobi
10 Aug 2020Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural Development CourseNairobi
10 Aug 2020Accounting Finance For Non-Financial Professionals Using QuickBooksNairobi
10 Aug 2020Integrated digital marketing strategies courseNairobi
10 Aug 2020Training Course in Report WritingNairobi
10 Aug 2020Epidemiology/Bio-statistics using StataNairobi
10 Aug 2020Scientific Writing Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in International JournalsNairobi
10 Aug 2020Modelling and Simulation of Wastewater Treatment ProcessesPretoria
10 Aug 2020Data Analysis, Modeling/Simulation Using Excel Online CourseNairobi
10 Aug 2020Development of Quality Management Systems Online CourseAbuja
10 Aug 2020Economic Data Management/Analytics Online CourseAbuja
10 Aug 2020Human Rights Leadership Development Online CourseAbuja
10 Aug 2020Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Policy in Development Online CourseAbuja
10 Aug 2020Quantitative Data Management/Analysis with SPSS Online CourseAbuja
10 Aug 2020Training on Child ProtectionNairobi
10 Aug 2020Short course in Business WritingPretoria
11 Aug 2020Short Course in Construction ContractsPretoria
11 Aug 2020Construction ContractsPretoria
11 Aug 2020Online Design Thinking For Customer ExperienceOnline
11 Aug 2020Business Innovation 7 Development StrategiesPretoria
11 Aug 2020Three-week online design thinking facilitation trainingCape Town
11 Aug 2020Construction contractsPretoria
12 Aug 2020Railway Asset ManagementPretoria
12 Aug 2020
The RAF, RABS and my practice
The RAF, RABS and my practice
Price includes a complete set of seminar notes to use as reference manual afterwards.
Online seminar
12 Aug 2020Protection of Personal Information Act CoursePretoria
12 Aug 2020JBCC Suite of Contracts - live online training courseJohannesburg
12 Aug 2020JBCC Suite of Contracts - live online training courseJohannesburg
12 Aug 2020Excel Workshop - Digging Deep in your Balance SheetPort Elizabeth
12 Aug 2020Programme in Competition LawPretoria
13 Aug 2020Mental Health and Psychology ConferenceJohannesburg
13 Aug 2020The Professional Office AdministratorJohannesburg
13 Aug 2020Sparx EA Business AnalystsJohannesburg
13 Aug 2020Excel for HR ProfessionalsBoksburg
13 Aug 2020Short course in optimal functioning and mental toughness in a corporate environmentPretoria
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