30 Nov 2021Transport Evolution Africa Forum and ExpoDurban
30 Nov 2021The Music Business Workshop 2021Johannesburg
30 Nov 2021Learnerships and Skills Taxation webinar 2021Johannesburg
1 Dec 2021Resilience and Risk Africa Conference 2021Johannesburg
2 Dec 2021Overcoming our Nostalgia Narrative - How to make your history story shape your futureCape Town
3 Dec 2021Laughter SquaredUmhlanga
3 Dec 2021Dingalings’ festive ‘Dingle Bells’ cheerUmhlanga
4 Dec 2021Mapostola breaking ground with Dumi Mkokstad and friendsJohannesburg
4 Dec 2021A Jump to the Left 2021Honeydew
4 Dec 2021It's gin ‘o clockPort Edward
4 Dec 2021Bakgat Country Star Search FinalsCape Town
4 Dec 2021The African Women WritersJoburg
6 Dec 2021Monitoring and Evaluation/Data Management/Analysis in Health Sector ProgrammesAbuja
6 Dec 2021Monitoring/Evaluation in Food Security/Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Breaking the Deadlocks in Rural Entrepreneurship in AgricultureAbuja
6 Dec 2021Enhanced Spatial Data Analysis/Mapping/Visualisation using Quantum GISNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training Course on Effective Project Management SkillsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Project planning, monitoring and management using Microsoft ProjectAbuja
6 Dec 2021Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social SciencesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Better and Timely Data Collection/Analysis/Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
6 Dec 2021Discrete Choice modeling through theory and practiceNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Communication of Research Findings with Users of Knowledge for ImpactNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
6 Dec 2021Epidemiology/Bio-statistics using Stata coursesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
6 Dec 2021Methodology and Software for Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments data (SPSS/Stats/ExcelNairobi
6 Dec 2021Mathematical modelling for infectious diseases in EpidemiologyNairobi
6 Dec 2021Research Methodology/Data Management/Analysis/Reporting using SPSSNairobi
6 Dec 2021Research/Data management/Statistical Analysis using StataNairobi
6 Dec 2021How Business Can Utilise Microsoft Excel Skills for Business Accounting and AnalysisNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training on Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Efficient and Effective Management ReportingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Microsoft Excel Training For Organisations and IndividualsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Adobe Photoshop skills trainingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Expert Training on Establishing and Strengthening Farmer OrganisationsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agricultural Training on Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and NutritionNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agribusiness Training on Dairy Value Addition for Food SecurityNairobi
6 Dec 2021Enhancing Economic opportunities for resilient pastoral livelihoodsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agri Training on Fish Farming for Food Security and Improved LivelihoodsNairobi
6 Dec 2021Evaluation of Agribusiness Firms for risk management and Potential for Financial LendingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Effective Use of Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop productionNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agriculture Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development TrainingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training Climate Change Risk Management in Building Resilience to Mitigate Effects of Climate ChangeNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training on Agro Entrepreneurship Market FacilitationNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agricultural Value Chain Development and Market Linkages TrainingNairobi
6 Dec 2021Climate Change Adaptation in a Changing Environment Training CourseNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agricultural Policy Framework for Development Training CourseNairobi
6 Dec 2021Training on gender and social inclusion in agricultureNairobi
6 Dec 2021Agriculture Training on Food security analysisNairobi
6 Dec 2021Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management for Sustainable Food and Nutrition SecurityNairobi
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