Maggi freshens up online presence in Central and West Africa

Nestlé brand Maggi has revealed a new website in Central and West Africa that offers fresh twists to popular African dishes. The brand has also just released a second season of its Yelo Pèppè online nutrition education drama series on YouTube.

Maggi freshens up online presence in Central and West Africa

The new Maggi website was built in collaboration with top African chefs, expert nutritionists and local food influencers and was designed to be an easy-to-use platform that can help families cook balanced and nutritious meals. It features over 40 African recipes, including time-saving one-pot meals and recipes for kids, all available in both English and French.

Akua Kwakwa, nutrition, health and wellness manager for Nestlé Central and West Africa, said, “As well as highlighting the importance of including nutritious diets in our daily lives with well-known family favourites, people across the globe now have easy access to traditional African recipes we know and love.

“For people who are more concerned about sodium, saturated fat and added sugars, the website features the unique ‘MyMenuIQ’ guide that illustrates how nutritionally-balanced each recipe is. The higher the score, the more balanced the meal is."

Maggi freshens up online presence in Central and West Africa

Dominique Allier, business executive officer for culinary at Nestlé Central and West Africa, added, “Maggi innovates once more by providing different variations of beloved African dishes that offer something for every food lover. We are proud to be the first region worldwide chosen by Maggi to launch this unique website."

Maggi also announced that, following the success of Yelo Pèppè season one, which recorded over 20.3 million online views, it has launched the second season of the show to its fans.

Honouring ‘Simply Good’ commitments

The new website and Yelo Pèppè series are recent examples of how Maggi is looking to fulfill its ‘Simply Good’ commitments it made to consumers in 2017.

To help people "cook the difference”, the brand has been organising local events to encourage healthy cooking, including pop-up kitchens, cooking caravans and online nutrition education programmes, which have reportedly reached over 10 million people across the region.

Maggi also aims to "boost the nutrition of families at an affordable price", by improving the nutritional profile of its bouillons and other products through reducing salt and increasing micronutrients such as iron, to help tackle iron deficiency.

The brand has also pledged to use more familiar ingredients that people know and can find in their kitchens. For example, Naija Pot, Signature Jollof and MaMeun are some of its new products made with everyday ingredients like smoked fish, shrimp, onions, garlic, ginger and chilli pepper.

Maggi has also committed to increasing local sourcing and building the local economy. For example, 100% of Maggi bouillons sold in Central and West Africa are manufactured by its over 2,000 local employees. Also, nearly three-quarters of the raw materials used in these products are sourced locally from suppliers, providing income and creating job opportunities for thousands of Africans.

Maggi's new regional website can be viewed on,,, and
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