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Lobedu Leo Burnett boosts voter turnout

'Keeping our democracy strong' is the message boldly communicated by Lobedu Leo Burnett on its outdoor election campaign on the M1 to and from Johannesburg, patriotically showing the South African flag against a clear blue sky.

Political analysts believe that the election turnout of 76,73% was excellent in a maturing democracy to which Zeona Motshabi, MD of Lobedu Leo Burnett comments: "The combination of advertising and PR talked to the voters, helping bring people to the polls."
She says the messaging remains potent even after the elections. "People died to make this country a democracy and give us the vote. By exercising that right, we are strengthening our democracy."
The agency was awarded the entire Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) campaign including TV, radio and posters for registrations and the announcement of the election date, as well as the internal branding at the IEC Results Centre in Pretoria. 
Lobedu Leo Burnett is 51% black owned and one of South Africa's top advertising agencies.

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