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Six steps to successful customer relationship management

As Easter looms businesses are looking for powerful ways to promote their goods and activate more sales. This should include beefing up customer relationship management (CMR) systems to streamline communication with potential clients and encourage more sales. Here are six steps to sprucing up your CRM and captivating customers at every touch point along the way...

By Eben Esterhuizen 16 Apr 2019

WTMA19: Marketing minimalism, do less, but do it better

Day one of World Travel Market Africa 2019 saw Natalia Rosa, director promotions division for Big Ambitions, take us back to basic travel marketing principles; sharing how to build and roll out the right marketing strategy for your brand...

By Robin Fredericks 16 Apr 2019

#WTMA19: Keith Jenkins on what travel influencers are getting right and wrong

According to iambassador founder and CEO Keith Jenkins, marketing influencers in the travel industry are either executing their content mind-blowingly well or mind-bogglingly bad...

By Maroefah Smith 15 Apr 2019

Africa's digital revolution can unlock inclusive growth, job creation

Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa remains below 3%, three years after crisis...

12 Apr 2019

Plan to accelerate African trade

African Development Bank Board approves $4.8 million grant to accelerate African free trade...

12 Apr 2019

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing

When it comes to business, timing is everything. However, this is a factor that is often overlooked by many companies, especially those with small teams and even smaller budgets...

By Louise Robinson 10 Apr 2019

For better, but not for worse: why the client/agency relationship isn't like a marriage

"Marriage is the wrong metaphor for the client/agency relationship; it's more like a harem..."

By Vicky Gillan 9 Apr 2019

Bizcommunity sends a clear message that Africa is open for business

The adoption continues for the .africa (dotAfrica) geographic Top Level Domain (gLTD) as Africa's biggest multi-industry website, Bizcommunity, announced the launch of its dotAfrica website...

Issued by dotAfrica 9 Apr 2019

Bizcommunity launches BIZ | Daily top story headlines

Bizcommunity is proud to announce the launch of BIZ | Daily - a daily top story round-up, curated from across 18 industry sectors by most impressions and social media shares...

Issued by 8 Apr 2019

Evidence based marketing - what is it and why do we need it?

The concepts of behavioural economics, observed consumer behaviour and neuro-marketing are enough to make any marketer head for the hills out of the sheer fear of not knowing where to begin. Kirsty Dugmore of SugaSpice puts it simply...

By Kirsty Dugmore 3 Apr 2019

PwC releases consumer insights survey for 2019

Anton Hugo, retail & consumer leader for PwC Africa and associate directors Rashaad Fortune and Andries Geertsema presented PwC's 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey at the Peech Hotel in Johannesburg on 3 April...

3 Apr 2019

Africa in the Digital Era - hype or reality?

The Adebayo Adedeji lecture this year focused on the topic of digital transformation in Africa...

3 Apr 2019

The real reason millennials venture into freelancing

If you ever wondered when the right time to promote yourself as a freelancer would be... the time is now!

By Ra-ees Moerat 3 Apr 2019

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