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Transport Month: Why SA's transport sector needs to dive into digital to deliver value
Global companies are turning to SA for media and marketing expertise
Construction starts on Westown, Shongweni's first mixed-use development
Stellenbosch Network calls for #IdeasForChange entries
South Africa's new smart cities: a roadmap for transforming all our cities
More than a woman
More than a woman

Issued by Intercare 2 Aug 2021

More African cities to emerge as leading startup and investment hubs
Next frontier for plastic action lies in clothing, textile industries
Africities 2022 offers opportunity to examine water issues
Reimaging, recreating and restoring our ecosystems - one change at a time
Feeding Africa from Africa: Smallholder farmers to leverage on AfCFTA
Report reveals soil pollution as one of the world's major challenges for ecosystem restoration
Affordable housing: The catalyst for post-Covid economic recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa?
There's a disconnect between research and urban planning in Africa: how to fix it
Diabetes is a growing public health burden. Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock
Black construction companies urged to help address housing shortage
Smart cities promote best practice in urban sustainability
New Lanseria Smart City just 'papering over the cracks'
South Africa's newest sportswear brand gives a different meaning to sports apparel
#BehindtheMask: Jason McNeil, CEO of Interwaste
Deriving value for safe, smart cities
Fast food is growing in popularity with Ghanaians. Wikimedia Commons
Africa's energy sector steering towards renewables
Climate change needs to be treated like the Covid-19 crisis
#BizTrends2021: Trends to expect in the township development, office, retail spaces
Renewables, energy storage and the future of smart cities
Ghana's unstable building problem is about more than lax regulation
Private sector investment key in bridging Africa's housing gap
German auto industry strengthens ties with Africa
#BizTrends2021: Revitalising property markets through inner-city investment and refurbishment
Water solutions to aid the most vulnerable in Kenya
Muhammad Ali Albakri
The loss of vegetation is creating a dangerous heat island over Nairobi
Metals from urban pollution are contaminating the last few old forests in Cape Town
EPF Tech Hub helps empower young developers with hackathon
Entrepreneurs are crucial to SA's economic recovery
A sustainable future: Green buildings key to reducing energy consumption
Why tech companies should open offices in small towns, villages
Spatial applications show where the Covid-19 vulnerable populations and active cases are, where to find care, and where there are resource gaps. Bushko Oleksandr/Shutterstock
Climate change, migration and urbanisation: patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa
SA needs a food policy and more collaboration
Sustainable urbanisation the focus this World Cities Day
Covid-19 will not change cities in long term - Norman Foster
Green, integrated approaches could address food security challenges
South Africa’s east and west coastlines have some of the world’s richest, unexploited, naturally occurring heavy mineral sands. Shutterstock
Backyard rentals offer real gains, with help from better utility management
Environmental surveillance could provide an earlier and clearer picture for public health interventions
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