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The trend of trends
The trend of trendsArticle

What is the point of talking about trends? Do they assist our decision-making or are they a badge that we wear to help us feel like we're in the know?

Jacques du Bruyn 8 Mar 2019

#BizTrends2019: The 2018 buzzwords I'm hoping won't make it to 2019
#BizTrends2019: The 2018 buzzwords I'm hoping won't make it to 2019Article

Here, six popular buzzwords from the worlds of marketing, communication and media that Tiffany Markman is hoping we won't see in 2019...

Tiffany Markman 18 Dec 2018

[2014 trends] Communicating like a boss: Anti-trends for 2014
[2014 trends] Communicating like a boss: Anti-trends for 2014Article

Trends pieces. From November onwards, they're everywhere. Everyone with strong opinions, an active pulse and the ability to use a keyboard is looking at the year that was and using that, with tweaks, to predict what's coming.

Tiffany Markman 14 Jan 2014

A web wrap-up of 2008Article

2008 is almost over and it sure has been interesting - UK banks cancelled their Christmas parties; the global economy is in a recession; the world is holding its breath waiting to see if America's new president will be the one to save us all, and South African politics has certainly taken a couple of unforeseen turns. Of course, the web is an important part of this rapidly changing world.

Lyndi Lawson 12 Dec 2008

How to get published on Bizcommunity and other tales...Article

One of the things the PR industry does so rarely is actually ask an editor or journalist what they need for their publication. This causes unnecessary miscommunication, bad feeling and the editor to break a nail hitting the delete button more times than is necessary! We decided to compile a rough guide on "Cultural Learnings of for Make Benefit Glorious Industry of Public Relations" (with apologies to Borat and we promise, there's no hairy nude wrestling in this one!).

12 Jan 2007

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