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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) is a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants through whom 95% of all media expenditure in South Africa is bought.

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Load shedding is not a good enough reason to cut TV budgets
It's not the first time in history that South Africans have experienced load shedding. However, 2022 has seen a surge of power outages (or rather a decrease in power surges). Not only does load shedding impact the South African economy, but small businesses are also affected, traffic, households, etc. What does this mean for the media industry? Well, ask any TV planner and they will tell you their TV plan under-delivered due to load shedding. Try explaining this to a global auditor sitting in a first world country - who has their lights on. 2 Dec 2022 Read more

The four legs of a chair - why partnership is the future
June/July in ad-land means one thing and one thing only: Cannes. Yes, that time of year where the global advertising and marketing industry descend on beautiful Cannes in the south of France for suntanning, midnight parties on the beach, and a spot of advertising. 15 Sep 2022 Read more

Low media fees - is this trend sustainable?
The symbiotic relationship between agencies and clients continues to evolve and due to decreasing marketing budgets year-on-year, getting more complex. A once traditional approach has morphed into practices that are often unrecognisable to those who have been in the industry for a long time. 28 Jun 2022 Read more

Halfway into a 'not so happy' 2022
At the end of 2021 you would have noted many 'trends' pieces making their way online from various perspectives in the marketing, media and advertising world. Whether global or local articles, many authors tried their hands at 'predicting' the future in the coming months. 7 Jun 2022 Read more

Brands, the consumer and cancel culture
Marketing has evolved over the years and so has the consumer. As marketers, we are no longer dealing with passive consumers. There's a new breed of "woke" consumers and they are holding brands accountable for various issues like never before. In the past, it was difficult for consumers to reach corporations, but social media has made it easy for the people on the ground to voice their opinions pertaining to issues surrounding brands. This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it can force change within organisations and a curse because it can be problematic when accusations are unmerited, and individuals, brands or organisations get "cancelled". 17 Jan 2022 Read more

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