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Malware attacks in Africa reach 85 million in 6 months
Check Point Research warns of a further increase in cyberattacks
SA's paperless vaccine rollout highlights importance of data management
Many faces of malware: Are you protected?
Remote workers, SMMEs, health sector more at risk of cyber threats
Cyber attacks disguised as CVs
Brands must consider protecting customers from cyber attacks
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Malware variety grew by 13.7% in 2019
Can Africa overcome these threats to security and stability?
The convergence of IT and OT systems in the mining industry
5 Tips to keep your smart home hack-free
LAWtrust launches cybersecurity division
New virus hits mobile devices
CIOs need to ensure their workforce can catch up
Report highlights rapid changes in DDoS threat landscape
Are we prepared for 2019's cyber security challenges?
NordVPN's 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2019
Panda Security releases annual report
4 Strategies to get your website security ready
Avoiding the high cost of poor cyber resilience
Car-sharing apps are actually quite vulnerable to cyberattacks
Why release of two journalists in Ethiopia does not signal end to press crackdown
Cybercriminals on the hunt for cryptocurrency
Ransomware in South Africa survey
Photo by Tetsuya Tomomatsu on Unsplash
New wiper malware discovered by Kaspersky
South African companies falling prey to ransomware
Dangerous new app masquerading as Flash Player update
Mobile device infections surge in 2016
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New favourite for spam and malware attacks: mobile devices
Mobile financial threats among the top ten malicious programmes
Alarming number of online payment services not secure
Don't let hackers take down your business
Endpoint security need to be agile and flexible
Kaspersky Lab: avoiding online fraud at all costs
Eight tips for enhancing security on your smartphone
Five questions to ask yourself before clicking on a link
New tricks from old malware
PandaLabs Q1 2015 results released: 225,000 new malware strains per day
Kaspersky Lab counts up this year's cyber threats
Hackers targeting mobile phones for banking information
Every 5th Android user was a malware target
Safeguarding against iCloud or Gmail online hacking attack
Report reveals women take fewer risks online
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