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We're Business Partners Limited, one of the leading business financiers for viable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the world. We provide business finance ranging from R500 000 to R50 million to established entrepreneurs with a viable formal business.
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3 ways SME owners can cultivate a culture of human-rights in their businesses
Human rights may well be the last thing on a stressed and busy entrepreneur’s mind, but there are surprising advantages in thinking about a business’ role in the free world’s governing doctrine. This is the opinion of Kgomotso Ramoenyane, executive general manager for Human Resources at Business Partners Limited. 25 Mar 2024 Read more

SA entrepreneurship event sheds light on the need and the value of women in business
Despite the quantum leaps being made towards gender parity in the world of business, women entrepreneurs are still outnumbered by their male counterparts. To really make a difference in building a more robust and inclusive SME ecosystem, this status quo needs to change. Only by addressing the unique needs of women in business, can the challenges they face be turned into opportunities. A recent showcase entitled the Women in Business Symposium, spoke to these and other key issues facing women entrepreneurs in South Africa. 14 Mar 2024 Read more

4 ways to turn your business idea into a thriving business
There are many different paths that entrepreneurs take to realise their dreams and fund a business idea. For some, the journey is a straight-forward trajectory from getting a business loan to selling the first product or service. For others, the journey to success takes many twists and turns, and necessitates an iteration – or even a pivot, to get the formula 100% right. 12 Mar 2024 Read more

SA’s hospitality industry: is owning a restaurant still a viable business idea?
Almost two years after the lifting of lockdown regulations, the local hospitality industry is still reeling from the losses incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Slowly but surely, glimmers of hope are starting to appear on the horizon. Overall, research and SME sentiment on the future of the industry is decidedly optimistic. As such, now might be the perfect time for aspiring restaurant business owners to plant the seeds for future success. 11 Mar 2024 Read more

3 game-changing digital marketing trends to watch (and explore) for your small business
No statement could be more apt for the digital age than: ‘change is the only constant.’ With new and exciting technology emerging by the minute, it can be difficult to keep up. But, by being selective and choosing the mediums that speak directly to your business and your audience, you can capitalise on the trends and ride the wave to business success. 5 Mar 2024 Read more

How to ensure you’ve started the year off on the right note: 3 areas for entrepreneurs to focus on
2023 put small businesses through the wringer. The cost-of-living crisis threatened the buying power of ordinary consumers, and the rising cost of borrowing due to interest rates made it more difficult for many entrepreneurs to access funding. Despite these very challenging realities, small and medium enterprises (SME) owners maintained a cautious level of optimism that things would look up with the arrival of a new year. Now, as the momentum of 2024 begins to speed up, small business owners need to review, reset and reposition themselves for a successful year. 4 Mar 2024 Read more

3 ways ChatGPT can be a game-changer for South African SMEs
Generative AI was undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords of 2023. The user-friendly generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in late 2022 and since then, has nothing short of revolutionised the way people interact with AI technology. The release of ChatGPT brought AI out of the world of ‘fringe technology’ and into the mainstream within record time. Like their global counterparts, South African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are slowly learning how to leverage tools like ChatGPT to build more robust and efficient businesses. 1 Mar 2024 Read more

Advice for SA entrepreneurs: the top 3 industries to build a business in this year
Starting a business in South Africa comes with a unique set of challenges. However, as many small business owners will attest, the journey is also immensely rewarding. 8 Feb 2024 Read more

3 factors that small businesses need to consider when building their workforce
South Africa’s Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has revealed that an estimated 80% of its cases originate from the employees of small businesses. This finding highlights the pressing need for local small businesses to familiarise themselves with employment law and ensure compliance in order to avoid unnecessary and potentially costly disputes. 7 Feb 2024 Read more

New year, new connections: How to expand your business network in 2024
Becoming a successful entrepreneur involves hard work, determination and grit. However, as many of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs have attested, a generous amount of good luck often also plays a role in getting to the top. Sometimes, that spell of ‘luck’ relies on being in the right place, at the right time – and more importantly, talking to the right people. 29 Jan 2024 Read more

Strategies for SME success in 2024: The top 3 trends to watch
Last year came with its fair share of opportunities and challenges for the SME sector. A lagging economy, rising interest rates and cost of living coupled with high unemployment held many small businesses back from reaching their full potential. On the upside, many businesses who were able to innovate their way through tough times emerged more resilient and ready to take on the challenges of the new year. Now, as 2024 begins to gain momentum, SMEs need to leverage the latest industry trends to build sustainable, robust ventures that are built to last. 26 Jan 2024 Read more

The year in review: 3 key takeaways from 2023 for SA’s small businesses
Heading into 2023, the local small business community was ‘cautiously optimistic’. 2023 was the start of a fresh, new, pandemic-free year and many small businesses were looking to recover their losses and return to business as usual. However, the ongoing and deteriorating energy crisis, the knock-on effects of geopolitical tensions abroad and cost-of-living crisis, put a damper on these positive prospects and drove 2023 in another direction. In response to these mounting pressures, many small businesses renewed their focus on getting the basics right and emerged more productive and efficient than ever. 19 Dec 2023 Read more

3 local entrepreneurs to watch
Entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of the South African economy. The small business sector is an important source of job creation and for millions of South Africans, it is a driver of income that supports the business owners as well as their families and communities. 6 Dec 2023 Read more

Beyond funding: how strategic support and expert advice can take SA small businesses to the next level
In South Africa’s highly competitive small business environment, entrepreneurs need a substantial number of resources to get off the ground and achieve growth. While access to funding is one of these crucial resources, support in the form of expert advice and specialist technical assistance is just as essential. With access to the right kind of expertise, training and ongoing mentorship, small businesses have all the tools they need to be a success. 5 Dec 2023 Read more

4 tips to prepare your small business for Black Friday
Black Friday, one of the world’s most anticipated shopping events on the calendar, is just around the corner. For major retailers, this is the time of year to grab the attention of bargain-hunters, early-bird festive gift shoppers and individuals on the lookout for self-care spoils. With some careful planning and strategic thinking, local small businesses can also get in on the action. 23 Nov 2023 Read more

The business of Black Friday: 3 strategies for SMEs to boost sales
According to some of South Africa’s major banks, 2022 Black Friday sales volumes returned to pre-pandemic levels. The country’s most anticipated annual shopping event raked in billions of rands, with single transactions in some cases, totaling hundreds of thousands of rands. This year, with summer in full swing and the festive season fast approaching, the hype around Black Friday is palpable. For small businesses, this period represents a rare opportunity to cash in and firm up revenue ahead of the end of the year. 22 Nov 2023 Read more

New asset- and short-term finance solutions to cater to the need for growth-stage funding
Turning a small business into an empire in a high-risk environment with a high failure rate, is no small feat. In South Africa, access to funding can bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap between what it takes to get a venture off the ground and what's needed to reach the next phase of strategic growth. And part of offering true value in terms of access to market and sustained growth, is simplifying finance for business owners - meeting entrepreneurs where they are. 6 Nov 2023 Read more

The 3 most common challenges facing SA's entrepreneurs
Along with the vast amount of opportunity, the South African business climate also presents entrepreneurs with a great deal of challenges. This has been particularly true within the context of the past two years, which have been characterised by the impact of a persistent economic downturn. Pressures such as the ongoing energy crisis have been exacerbated by the rising cost of fuel, amidst other headwinds including adverse weather patterns and spates of civil unrest and violence. 6 Nov 2023 Read more

Mobile commerce: the next frontier for local small businesses
Online sales in South Africa have been on a gradual increase since the onset of the pandemic, bringing the industry to over R30bn by the end of 2020. And, with mobile penetration in the country reaching unprecedented heights, mobile commerce or 'm-commerce' is on industry experts' watchlist, with retailers across multiple sectors looking to cash in on the trend. Local small businesses should not miss the boat of aligning with this growing direction as customer behaviour evolves. 3 Nov 2023 Read more

3 ways small business owners can support employee mental health
The pandemic years brought issues of mental health in the workplace to the forefront. For many South African employees, the pressures associated with making an unexpected but seamless transition to remote working proved taxing, with many employees struggling to regulate their schedules and maintain a work-life balance. 24 Oct 2023 Read more

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