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Cybereason 2022 trends and predictions
Protect apps and data while improving productivity
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Ransomware: How to protect your data
Pirated games aren't free - they will cost you time, money and security
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ESET's Intelligent Solutions updated for greater online protection
Webinar on key data protection strategies to prevent cyberattacks
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F Secure Elements all-in-one cybersecurity
Introducing zero trust security
Invitation to tender
Invitation to tender

Issued by Kaya 959 8 Sep 2021

Malware attacks in Africa reach 85 million in 6 months
The hybrid workplace: What does it mean for cybersecurity?
Africa continues to be hard hit by mobile fraud
Africa continues to be hard hit by mobile fraud

Many mobile payment transactions in Africa are still made without consent...

26 Jul 2021

Cryptocurrency is fuelling cybercrime
Brendon Kotze, chief development officer, Performanta
USBs are back: Kaspersky uncovers a rare threat campaign
Check Point Research warns of a further increase in cyberattacks
Here's how hackers break into the business environment and how it can be avoided
The first layer of successful data management is anomaly detection
Understanding the impact of new retail technology
Does your data backup still meet your needs in a SaaS-driven world?
Sophos discovers over a hundred fake cryptocurrency apps that steal money
SA's paperless vaccine rollout highlights importance of data management
Check Point discovers new Android virus that spreads via WhatsApp
Hidden threats behind top TV series and films
Many faces of malware: Are you protected?
The reopening of the hospitality industry requires an enhanced customer experience
Human fallibility remains the weakest link in cybersecurity
Why businesses should prioritise application security
#BizTrends2021: What the new year holds for cybersecurity
Boris Dzhingarov
Data management is at the heart of cloud security
Check Point Software warns mobile users of QR code scams
6 ways to safeguard yourself this Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Female racing series partners with cyber protection provider Acronis
Important lessons for employees, bosses from Fraud Awareness Week
Cybersecurity: What new challenges are on the horizon in 2021
Be vigilant against email scams
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