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Increasing population growth in Africa's megacities a challenge for authorities
Increasing population growth in Africa's megacities a challenge for authoritiesArticle

Megacities, cities with a population of at least 10 million, are sprouting everywhere in Africa. Cairo in Egypt, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Lagos in Nigeria are already megacities...

Finbarr Toesland 3 May 2019

Frog, snake, bat and bird - by Y&R SA for Johannesburg Zoo.
#CannesLions2017: Outdoor Lions winners!Article

The 64th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity hosted the Cannes Lions Outdoor award ceremony on 19 June 2017, with a single SA agency shining bright...

19 Jun 2017

Giant Leap launches ultra-high-end flexible office space
Giant Leap launches ultra-high-end flexible office spaceArticle

Investec property and workplace specialists Giant Leap has launched FutureSpace, a high-end, flexible office-on-demand at 61 Katherine Street in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg...

Alistair Anderson 15 May 2017

Defining work for a new generation
Defining work for a new generationArticle

The nature of work has changed and the design of the workplace and spaces of the future will influence the human mind in the workplace. The role of millennials in the workplace, the way they think and work, are an important aspect of this...

Danette Breitenbach 5 Oct 2016

Is workplace design really a marketing function?
Is workplace design really a marketing function?Article

If your brand is going to deliver on the brand promises it makes, your company needs to take care of what's going on behind the bright shiny facades of your shopfronts and corporate HQ...

Jonathan Hall 1 Aug 2016

Mobile and tech - What should be on the marketer's radar
Mobile and tech - What should be on the marketer's radarArticle

Jonathan Hall, President Consulting: North America, at Added Value, highlights the latest in everything from artificial intelligence to wearables, from big data to storytelling, and what brand owners can learn from the worlds of mobile and tech.

Jonathan Hall 4 May 2015

Navigating the new marketing landscape
Navigating the new marketing landscapeArticle

Consumers navigate expertly from Facebook to their blog on Tumblr, mobile banking app, Apple TV and back again...

Eden Lanser 22 Apr 2015

India to get 'Editorial Leaders' programme
India to get 'Editorial Leaders' programmeArticle

DELHI, INDIA: A new 'Editorial Leaders' programme has begun in Delhi, India to help develop the skills and leadership ability of young editors. Organised by The World Editors Forum...

13 Apr 2015

Yahoo's system breach was not Shellshock
Yahoo's system breach was not ShellshockArticle

WASHINGTON, USA: Yahoo said some of its servers were breached briefly by hackers, but that the attack was unrelated to the newly discovered Shellshock vulnerability, and that no user data was compromised.

8 Oct 2014

Lia Marus
How can you effectively engage your employees?Article

I've said it before and I'll say it again: technology has turned the world we live in upside down. Our communication methods have done a total 180 degree turn thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. In six months, a motor vehicle company can imitate, produce and bring to market a vehicle that another company has only just launched - the turnaround time was once something like six or seven years...

Lia Marus 9 Jul 2013

Newsplex webinar today: The newsroom of the future
Newsplex webinar today: The newsroom of the futureArticle

PARIS, FRANCE / DARMSTADT, GERMANY: What will it take to make newsrooms economically viable? This is just one of the issues that will be discussed in a free, two-hour webinar on Wednesday, January 16, on the Newsroom of the Future.

16 Jan 2013

A Newsplex webinar: The newsroom of the future
A Newsplex webinar: The newsroom of the futureArticle

COLUMBIA (SOUTH CAROLINA), US: Newsroom leaders including Raju Narisetti of The Wall Street Journal (@rajunarisetti) and analyst Ken Doctor will convene online January 16 to discuss the news industry's future in a free, two-hour webinar hosted by World Editors Forum (WEF), the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (SNPA) in the United States and the University of South Carolina College of Mass Communications and Information Studies.

27 Dec 2012

Conferences discuss social media & tourism, Web 3.0Article

Two conferences coming up will offer new perspectives on digital marketing. The first is the Social Media & Tourism Forum being held 28 February-1 March 2012 at the Crowne Plaza in Rosebank, Johannesburg and the second is the Web 2.0 Conference being held 6-8 March at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

8 Feb 2012

The 12 ‘R's of community engagement
The 12 ‘R's of community engagementArticle

The latest Web 2.0 technologies have made connecting people together significantly easier, but getting community members to engage with your organisation is not an easy task. Here are 12 key factors that any organisation about to deploy a community engagement programme needs to consider.

Jonathan Hall 23 Sep 2008

The seven deadly sins of community engagementArticle

Community engagement is no longer a marketing option; it's a marketing imperative. Yet many organisations fail to exploit the opportunity effectively. Let's take a look at the seven ‘sins' that will ensure that an engagement strategy fails fast.

Jonathan Hall 6 Feb 2008

Responding to customers in 12 seconds?Article

Like many service industries, the glass replacement industry is about speed and convenience. Keenly aware of this, southern African glass supplier PG Glass is always looking for ways of improving upon its services. So when figures revealed that there are now over 3.8 million regular Internet users in South Africa, the company promptly decided to investigate the potential of this underdeveloped channel further.

14 Dec 2007

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