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The latest print industry numbers support suggestions of an economic recovery
ESET's Intelligent Solutions updated for greater online protection
Webinar on key data protection strategies to prevent cyberattacks
The top 6 most in-demand IT jobs in the country
Global iPhone crypto scam escalates to new heights, research finds
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Consumer trust in a brand can be lost with one cyberattack, new research finds
Blind spots an information officer needs to navigate when preparing for cybersecurity threats
7 tech companies to be showcased to potential investors at summit
F Secure Elements all-in-one cybersecurity
South Africa and the UK to co-host dialogue on cybercrimes
6 reasons why cloud-based VoIP delivers immediate value to organisations in the finance sector
The unexpected future - hybrid working
No ransom paid to alleged hackers - Department of Justice
Eset Southern Africa honours local tech businesses with R20,000 advertising giveaway
How businesses can recover from ransomware attacks
Introducing zero trust security
Learning journeys announced for upcoming future-focussed summit
Kaspersky records over 2 million phishing attacks in SA in H1 2021
In a mobile workforce, the new gold standard is synchronicity
Biodegradable Future's C-level executives bring brand awareness to global sustainability market
Mancosa launches the School of Information and Digital Technology
How to identify and manage risk in your business
South African women to take centre stage at upcoming future-focussed summit
Malware attacks in Africa reach 85 million in 6 months
Boris Dzhingarov
'Study now, pay later' - accessible education with EdForAll
Diversity in cybersecurity: It matters
The hybrid workplace: What does it mean for cybersecurity?
FNB searches for top tech talent - 300 openings
New study reveals a surprise finding about digital transformation in SA
Port disruptions, cyber attack pose potential threat to SA's food security
What cybersecurity experts think about Transnet's hack crisis
SingularityU SA encourages optimism in future-focused summit
Africa continues to be hard hit by mobile fraud
Africa continues to be hard hit by mobile fraud

Many mobile payment transactions in Africa are still made without consent...

26 Jul 2021

Transnet hit by cyberattack - Operations disrupted nationwide
Brendon Kotze, chief development officer, Performanta
USBs are back: Kaspersky uncovers a rare threat campaign
Social media violence instigators warned
Exponential Finance Summit to join forces with the SingularityU South Africa Summit later this year
The White House ushers in a new era of cybersecurity
How CISO's should remediate a ransomware attack
Kaseya ransomware attack: 80% of companies that pay are hit a second time
The impact of PoPIA on advertising and communications
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