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Perfect Word was established to offer the market a full, turnkey communications, writing and marketing service that is both professional and affordable, driven by passionate experts.
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The crucial role of electronic signatures in a smart, digital societyIt is officially time to put electronic signatures on the agenda. Many organisations needed to embrace operating remotely overnight and they now recognise the importance of electronic signatures, even as lockdown measures are relaxed and lifted. As eSignatures have proven key to keeping businesses running during these uncertain times, a new appreciation has developed for the convenience, security, and reliability of electronic signatures - whether operating remotely or not. 15 Jun 2020 Read more

Financial reporting in the cloud in the wake of Covid-19There is no denying that the world is currently in a state of economic uncertainty. Companies are bracing themselves for the economic backlash of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have already felt the repercussions seeping through their crumbling company structure. In times such as this, earnings are becoming more volatile. Technological advances have become imperative to function and progress. To stay afloat, organisations are having to learn how to survive and thrive while operating exclusively in the online world. 6 May 2020 Read more

The dual role of the modern CFOIn a digitally driven world, every operational unit in every organisation across the globe is faced with the need to innovate. As the world evolves, so roles transform and employees at every level need to keep pace to maintain their place of importance in the organogram. This extends even to the finance department, where modern CFOs are required not only to act as the traditional "bean counters" but strategic organisational leaders too. 16 Jan 2020 Read more

Impression joins GlobalSign's Certified Regional Partner programmeImpression offers a wide range of GlobalSign PKI solutions to address the IT security and identity needs of regional customers in South Africa. 16 Jan 2020 Read more

The end of an era: Eiffel Corp ends partnership with BlackboardA recent announcement from Eiffel Corp, a leader in the higher education software and service digital education space, has announced that the company has decided to end its 21 year-long partnership with Blackboard, an international e-learning company. 13 Dec 2019 Read more

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