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New to ridesharing? Here is what you need to know

The explosion of ridesharing services has occurred partially because of the prevalence of powerful smart phones being so prevalent, new technologies including next generation smart phone applications being developed, and a desire for those who utilise taxi-type services to have better, easier, and safer experiences. The convergence of these factors has created some of the most dynamic new businesses, provided tens of thousands with additional incomes as drivers and given passengers better options when they need a lift.
Millions now use ridesharing services around the world and every day the number is growing. For those who are interested, there are often questions about how things work and concern about a learning curve. For those in this position, here are some key points about how the services work, and why they are so popular:

What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing grew out of the traditional taxi and livery businesses. Traditionally if you needed a paid ride, you could hail a taxi on the street of phone a taxi or a car service to come and pick you up. Taxis have always been a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes there are no taxis, the drivers are rude, the cars are smelly or in bad shape, and you might end up being taken completely out of the way of your destination in order for the driver to charge you an additional fare. With private cars, the quality is certainly better, but the expense is much higher. These two primary choices created an opportunity in the market for new-types ride of services to be provided that did away with these issues and this is how ridesharing became a business.

Uber, was the pioneer and introduced an app based ride share service where passengers could call for a car and know in advance the car, the driver, and the price for their ride before the car was hired. Cars could also be ordered to come to just about any location. So for passengers nearly all of their concerns were set aside. On the driver side, Uber hired those drivers who have good vehicles and driving records and who were typically people who were either unemployed or had spare time. Because they are not professional drivers, their fees are significantly less, but they gain an opportunity where if they drive a lot they can make good money. The business is run totally from your smartphone and passenger and drivers can interact seamlessly with the service. Once it began working well the model has been duplicated throughout the world, with Uber and Uber clones in every country.

Key points about ridesharing using Uber as a model

The cost of an Uber rideshare is a fraction of what you would pay for a private car. In addition, the ease of use of the service provides is an additional compelling factor. Here is how it works:

You must download the ridesharing app – The app manages the entire relationship between you, the company and the driver. It is simple and intuitive and will walk you through the registering with the service.

You can get a ride fast – Once you input your particulars including your our payment information, you can summon a car immediately. You input your pick-up and drop off information and utilising your phone’s GPS, a nearby car is assigned to you. There will be a near exact pick up time given to you, so you can be prepared and you will be alerted when the driver arrives.

You never exchange cash – Payments are confirmed at the end of the ride and it is handled completely through the app. You will get a confirmation of payment and so will the driver and everyone is happy. You can also add a tip for the driver through the app as well.

Becoming a rideshare driver

For those seeking to become a ride share driver, it presents an opportunity to build and grow a successful business for yourself where you can make your own hours and generate cash as your needs dictate. Those that do well, treat their driving as a business and access resources to assist them in managing their driving business better.

There are several services to work for with the most prominent being Uber and Lyft. Each works differently and benefits drivers in different ways. Understanding the difference can affect how successful you are. In any case, you need a good quality car, and a clean criminal and driving record to get started.

Ridesharing is here to stay with ridesharing services growing in every country. For those who work in the industry and use them, the benefits are obvious.

9 Nov 2017 15:33


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