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Are you accidentally damaging your smartphone? Seven tips to keep it safe

Smartphones are generally designed to withstand the regular bustle of life, but that doesn't make them impervious to mishaps.
Accidentally scratching, drowning, crushing, or even melting your smartphone is ridiculously easy. But by implementing a few protective measures, you can almost eliminate that possibility. Tech Surprise recommends the following actions to be taken as soon as possible in order to avoid accidentally damaging the smartphone.

The phone case

Investing in a phone case is a smart idea—it’s the most basic means of protecting your device against knocks and falls. If you’re especially active—working in an industrial area or regularly exposed to the elements—a rugged case would be the best solution.

Screen guard

Most cases don’t provide screen protection, but even a seemingly insignificant scratch can become a problematic crack over time—inhibiting your smartphone’s ability to function. Even the most basic options, an adhesive film, are better than no screen guard at all. You do not have to invest in the most expensive screen guards but you do need to have at least something to protect the screen of the smartphone.

Being aware

It goes without saying that you should be aware of your surroundings when using your phone, but you should also be aware of where you’ve left it when not using it too. A lot can go wrong when a pet or small child gets hold of your device, or if you forget that you put it on the roof of your car while packing the groceries into the boot.

Water wary

This may seem obvious, but you should be extra cautious while using your phone in the bathroom or around the pool. As far as possible, you should avoid touching your device even when your hands are wet from washing them. It seems silly to mention, but you’d be surprised at the cumulative water damage that builds up slowly over time from answering the phone before drying your hands!

Hold your phone correctly

This ties in somewhat with being cautious around water and the need for a case and screen guard. Most of the time a smartphone is dropped from the user’s hand during use, so learning how to handle your device properly will go a long way in keeping it safe from accidental damage.

Your smartphone should rest predominantly in the palm of your hand, rather than balancing on your little finger (which is how most of us tend to hold it). This makes it easier to support your device and place a firm grip on it.

Stay cool

If your phone starts overheating, you’ll be scrambling for the repair shop-or on the lookout for a replacement. Avoid leaving your phone anywhere where it’ll be exposed to the sun for long, or in your car for that matter. You shouldn’t stack your devices on top of each other either-phones, tablets, or laptops, for that matter-as their combined heat will combine and create further issues. If your phone starts feeling warm, play it safe by switching it off.


You’d be surprised at how many smartphones get taken down by malicious software and viruses. Installing a good antivirus will help protect your information as well as your device.

At the end of the day, it’s important to recognise that no matter how careful you are, accidents can and most likely will still happen. Signing up for the right insurance plan can help keep worry from your mind.

19 Jun 2017 16:14


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