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Are you ignoring any of these old but effective marketing strategies?

Social media, push notifications and TV commercials may have taken over as the major marketing tools in the digital age, but some of the old-school marketing methods can still be effective. In fact, a good businessman knows how to supplement the new with the old and create a complete campaign for marketing and advertisement. Although everything won't be applicable to every trade, it is advised that you don't ignore the older ploys completely. Take a look at the ones mentioned here and see if you can't employ some of them and increase your company's rate of revenue generation.

Promotional gifts

Almost as old as the concept of business itself, promotional gifts help maintain ties with your customers and make them remember your business and the last transaction fondly. It is still in practice and will continue to be in practice for a very long time. The gift could be given in the form of cashbacks, gift cards, discount coupons, etc. Many sellers even stick to the tried and tested strategy of simply bundling in something extra for free with every purchase.

Business postcards

Business postcards are a popular mode of direct-mail advertising and although old, they continue to produce results. A major advantage of using these is that they are cheaper than most other alternatives. If you haven’t yet already, consider sending properly designed, subtle postcards to potential leads via mail and don’t forget to include your online information on it as well. Contrary to the modern mindset, it has been seen that direct-mail marketing often produces better results than online marketing, especially when concerning a small localised establishment.

Sign spinning

It may sound absurd in this digital age and time, but sign spinning continues to bring in customers even today and as a promotional tool, it’s extremely cost-effective. Market analysis shows that impulse buyers are the most likely to make a purchase suggested by sign spinners. The idea is to attract the attention of people passing by, especially during the busy hours. A sign spinning campaign might be particularly successful if the purchase involves a low-cost investment since an impulsive decision is more likely to be a small one.


A jingle or a slogan is an exceptionally useful marketing tool that is just as efficient today, as it was in the old days. They are so effective because people remember harmonic rhythms and words much easier than general sentences. It also helps a business to breach the language barrier in the same way that music does. Catchy phrases and easy to remember jingles stay in people’s minds and that’s exactly what every marketing tool ever was designed for.

Some of these may seem odd to the young entrepreneur and that’s alright, because some of them really are! However, one must remember that in order to get ahead of the competition, it is imperative to do something different and bringing back a few tricks from the past might just be the edge your business needs.

9 Feb 2017 10:45


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