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Five ways to simplify a busy work schedule

When a company is burdened with all the work it can handle, the stress of running a business at full capacity can leave management running in circles and making amateur mistakes. Everyone knows that the key to expanding without becoming overwhelmed is to adhere to a strict schedule, but what do you do when the schedule itself is so packed that just looking at it begins to overwhelm you?
Here are five things any business can do to tackle a super busy work schedule with ease:

1. Use booking and scheduling software

First and foremost, if you're doing all of your scheduling manually with a basic calendar or spreadsheet, that's probably one of the reasons why your current schedule seems like it's too much to handle. Using booking and appointment scheduling software will help your employees manage and adhere to the work schedule with less effort and in a more professional manner.

2. Check and monitor progress frequently

Any time you're having trouble sticking to what otherwise seems to be a feasible schedule, it's time to start checking and monitoring employee performance and progress. Assess and address any obvious workflow deficiencies to ensure that you won't run into the same problems in the future. Keeping a closer eye on your company affairs is something that must be done when you're trying to fulfill a busy schedule without any hiccups.

3. Allocate tasks more efficiently

Sometimes a schedule can seem more packed than it really is because you're not properly managing your workforce. Look for ways to get tasks done quicker by spreading them between more employees or re-examining employee capabilities to determine who would be the best fit for the tasks you're assigning. If you're regularly following the advice in step 2, this step should be even easier because you'll have a better idea of what each employee is capable of.

4. Bring in extra help if needed

If after completing the steps above you're still having trouble accommodating appointments and meeting deadlines, it might be time to bring in the reinforcements. Hiring a few extra employees might sound like hassle and additional payroll burden, but it's worth the time and investment if it means your company will be able to continue expanding without sacrificing punctuality.

5. Follow through On your end

After you've done everything you can to facilitate proper schedule management and employee productivity, the final step is to make sure you're doing everything possible on your end. Many times company owners and managers will take the hands-off approach and try to outsource and micromanage things that they could easily be doing themselves. Don't fall for this common mistake. When your schedule is packed, do everything within your personal power to keep the momentum going.

A busy schedule doesn't have to feel busy

In closing, just because your business is fully booked, that doesn't mean you have to feel stressed as if it's a bad thing. In fact, if you look back to when you first started the endeavour, you probably envisioned an ideal outcome looking a lot like your current maxed out schedule. Use the tips above to simplify the challenge and you'll start to feel productive and satisfied rather than busy and overwhelmed.

18 Nov 2016 13:10


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