What makes it the best

How do you find out who has thew best longterm sales training. 9 Mar 2007

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Difficult to sell?

How difficult is it to sell ad space for tv - mags - events - etc?? 26 Jan 2007

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Media Sales Commissions

What is the standard industry renumeration and percentage commission structure for TV airtime sales representatives? 23 Jan 2007

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Is customer service dead and buried in SA?

Was it ever even there and when one complains to a call centre, are one's complaints ever relayed to the MD or someone in authority because I'm gatvol of shouting for service?! 30 Mar 2005

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Buying pirate DVDs is a crime

I agree that buying pirate DVDs is a crime but should we not look at DVD prices as a solution? 18 Jan 2005

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Unscrupulous sales practices

Is there consumer protection against unscrupulous sales practices in SA? 27 Nov 2002

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