National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

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I`m a filmmaker...

I`m a person who strongly believe in myself and being a self-trained filmmaker-film producer or line producer I want to start my own motion picture and I`m confused by the narrow-mindedness of investors and banks when they are requested to invest or lend money to filmmakers since this is not only about making films but a multifaceted business that can incorporate short-term services to repay banks and pay the rent. 11 Mar 2007

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Is my son being ripped off?

Last week my 15 month old son did a photo shoot and is getting paid R400.00 for 4 hours work. 27 Feb 2007

Sotho and Zulu Classes

Does anyone know of Zulu and Sotho classes offered around Jozi? 23 Jan 2007

Employers to be held accountable for piracy

With the ever increasing bandwidth, albeit a painfully slow progress, available in SA, music and video piracy is spiralling rapidly out of control. 13 Feb 2006

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