2 Mar 2020Dairy Value Addition for Food Security CourseNairobi
9 Mar 2020Micro Finance for Rural Development CourseNairobi
9 Mar 2020Water Harvesting Techniques For Rural Development CourseNairobi
17 Mar 2020Propak East Africa 2020Nairobi
30 Mar 2020Environmental law primer: what every business leader should know 2020Cape Town
6 Apr 2020Livelihoods Assessment and AnalysisNairobi
13 Apr 2020Monitoring And Evaluation Of Water Sanitation And Hygiene WASH ProgrammesNairobi
11 May 2020Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management CoursesNairobi
20 May 2020Public participation for environmental governance: Essential elements, skills and strategies 2020Cape Town
8 Jun 2020Managing and Analysing Monitoring and Evaluation Data for Development ProgrammesNairobi
15 Jun 2020Monitoring And Evaluation Of Agricultural ProgrammesNairobi
22 Jun 2020Monitoring And Evaluation For Health Sector ProgrammesNairobi
15 Sep 2020Propak West Africa 2020Lagos
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