1 Nov 2021Enabling Smallholder Farmers in Producers Groups to Conform to Sanitary/Phytosanitary MeasuresAbuja
1 Nov 2021GIS and remote sensing in conservancy and wildlife managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS for natural resource management trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS data collection, management, analysis, visualisation and mapping trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on GIS for disaster risk managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021Advanced Web Based Mapping Applications using Open Source GIS Tools CourseNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis and Spartial Analysis for Agriculture and Food Security SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis for Natural Resourse Management SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis and Mapping In Crime Analysis SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Introduction to Gis Using Arcgis DesktopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Gis and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest monitoring and Management workshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Blockchain certification training courseNairobi
1 Nov 2021Avanced Web Based Mapping Applications Using Open Source Gis Tools CourseNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on communication and presentation skillsNairobi
1 Nov 2021Data Management and Stastical Analysis Using STATANairobi
1 Nov 2021Value Chain Development an Market KinkageNairobi
1 Nov 2021Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Monitoring and Evaluating for Human Rights ProgrammesNairobi
1 Nov 2021Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction WorkshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Blockchain Certification TrainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Senior Management Leadership ProgramNairobi
1 Nov 2021Inventory control and warehouse management workshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on social protectionNairobi
1 Nov 2021Quantitative Data Management and Analysis With R CourseNairobi
1 Nov 2021Monitoring & Evaluating, Accountability and Learning WorkshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Credit Control and Debt Management TrainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on Organisational Understanding and DevelopmentNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training On Banking and Bank OperationsNairobi
1 Nov 2021Food Security, Safety and Quality WorkshopNairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on Contingency PlanningNairobi
1 Nov 2021Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation SeminarNairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on Iso 14001 Environmental Management System (Ems)Nairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on ISO quality Management SystemNairobi
1 Nov 2021Workshop on Asset and Liability ManagementNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training on Digitalization for oil and GasNairobi
8 Nov 2021TOGAF Level 1/2 TrainingJohannesburg
8 Nov 2021Monitoring and Evaluation/Data Management and Analysis in Agriculture/Rural DevelopmentNairobi
8 Nov 2021Projects/Programmes/Policies Impact Evaluation Techniques for Evidence-Based DevelopmentAbuja
8 Nov 2021Food Security Policies Formulation/Effective Implementation in Developing CountriesAbuja
8 Nov 2021Mapping and Visualisation in Agriculture/Climate Change using GIS and Remote SensingNairobi
8 Nov 2021Web-Based GIS/Mapping in Disseminating/Processing of Geographic InformationAbuja
8 Nov 2021Effective resource mobilisation and fundraising in projects and programmesAbuja
8 Nov 2021Better and Timely Data Collection/Analysis/Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
8 Nov 2021Epidemiology/Bio-statistics using Stata coursesNairobi
8 Nov 2021International Training on Computer Application SkillsNairobi
8 Nov 2021Maintenance Planning/Scheduling for Improved Reliability/UptimeOnline
8 Nov 2021GIS for disease surveillance monitoring trainingNairobi
8 Nov 2021GIS and mapping in crime analysis trainingNairobi
8 Nov 2021Introduction to GIS using arcgis desktop courseNairobi
8 Nov 2021GIS for health sector programme management trainingNairobi
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