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    Digital video walls for African OOH market

    A new digital format in the African out of home market, digital video walls, has been introduced by JCDecaux Sub-Saharan Africa in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. Digital Out-of-Home advertising has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years globally.
    JCDecaux digital wall.
    JCDecaux digital wall.

    The global advertising sector is primarily driven by the adaption of digital and marketers are continuously opting for digital out-of-home for better brand recognition and penetration to consumers.

    JCDecaux has strengthened its offerings, as industry leaders in African markets, with the launch of digital video walls in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia airports. These digital video walls are equipped with the latest and advanced technology available in the market.

    The screens are an ultra-slim bezel, with a 4K display resolution and the brightness count of 700 nits ensures the best quality in image display. The software powering the screens also allows JCDecaux to push 4K content onto the displays without any loss of quality and playback smoothness.

    The comprehensive and ever-expanding network of digital signage, in a multiplicity of environments, provides a solid foundation for brands to engineer their conversations with consumers.

    Case study: Land Rover

    For the first phase, the rollout of the Digital Walls was successfully completed in partnership with Land Rover and Mindshare South Africa.

    Land Rover wanted to create a campaign that would build awareness around the launch of their new Discovery. The objective of the campaign was to entrench brand presence within the SUV category and create appeal and consideration of the all-new Discovery within core and broader premium consumer.

    Land Rover also wanted to bring to life the experience of driving the new Discovery, through the tactical use of key reach media touch points, focusing on a combination of environments and tailored content in order to drive impact.

    Mark Cooper, CEO of JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa, said that the launch of the Digital Video Walls, marks a further milestone in JCDecaux’s partnership with the Tanzanian, Mozambican and Zambian airport authorities, delivering a world-class media platform at the three airports respectively.

    “The launch of the digital video walls will redefine airport advertising, enabling clients to make an impression through clear, compelling content. Digital video walls have become the hub for powerful information delivery through cutting-edge picture quality, bringing even the smallest visual details to life with amplified brilliance and clarity,” said Cooper.

    Simon Paile, Africa media specialist at Mindshare sub-Saharan Africa says, “it is not about being everywhere but rather where we have the most meaningful connections and biggest impact with our target market. This was perfect as it was first to market and bringing innovation and technology into SSA.”

    “The vehicle is also about new technology and the Digital Video Walls demonstrate that. High visual impact in the airports, reaching out to professionals, business people at the airports. They also provide captive audience.”

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