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Senegal's Kwely launches made-in-Africa wholesale marketplace

Senegalese startup Kwely, a B2B wholesale distribution platform for made-in-Africa products, has launched an online marketplace to provide small and large African producers and manufacturers with a global window to sell their products at scale. Through it, international buyers can source locally-made, quality products from across the continent.
Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Starting with made-in-Senegal products ranging from food, well-being, hair and skin care, the platform offers products that have been produced, tested and packaged following international standards.

Repositioning Africa-made goods

Kwely said it seeks to redefine the positioning and image of made-in-Africa products, increase their competitiveness in international markets and make global buyers and consumers discover the extensive range of natural and healthy ingredients that Africa has to offer. It also aims to unlock access to global markets and provides packaging solutions to create a level playing field for small producers venturing into international trade.

The platform was built with proprietary technology and offers features that mirror the way businesses and suppliers transact with each other. From lead times, minimum order quantities, purchase orders and quote requests, the platform is designed to make it easier and faster for buyers to place orders and receive their goods wherever they are.

A key feature also includes a full product configurator giving the buyer the opportunity to customise their order all the way to the packaging through a private label option. The first version of the platform is available in English and will soon integrate multi-language support as well as built-in shipping estimation calculation and integrated user-facing payment options.

“Today, we celebrate the launch of Kwely, your destination to the best that Africa has to offer. For a long time, made-in-Africa products have not been given the value they deserve. The talented producers are usually hidden behind larger brands, hindering their ability to build a direct customer base and their own brand identity.

“Through Kwely, we are introducing to the world high-quality products sourced from small and medium-sized companies and we are unveiling rich and rare ingredients as well as the traditional workmanship of our continent. SMEs constitute the backbone of our economies. By connecting them to international buyers, we are fostering an inclusive economic growth but also impacting entire communities,” said Birame Sock, founder and CEO of Kwely Inc.

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