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East African Photography Award

Canon and Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA) pursue and strengthen their partnership...

5 Nov 2019

The right video for the right time

In Nielsen and Taboola's "Moment of Next" study, the two company's took a look at video-watching...

By Travis Bussiahn 24 Oct 2019

This is where your target market is. Where are you?

The data on video marketing isn't nebulous stats. That's where your target market is...

By Travis Bussiahn 9 Oct 2019

Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others...

Issued by 2 Oct 2019

Video, the new document: Where do you start?

A lot of people don't know where to begin with video in today's digital space...

By Travis Bussiahn 1 Oct 2019

Top ratings for Biz Rate Card 2019

Bizcommunity is excited to announce the relaunch of our Biz Product and Rate Card, featuring all-new product infographics, descriptors and more...

Issued by 27 Sep 2019

Video Exchange Africa at AfricaCom 2019

Great content, innovative tech and commercial sustainability drive the new media space in Africa...

20 Sep 2019

StarTimes encourages Rwandans to produce local content

Local content producers can earn money if they innovate with new and original TV entertainment materials that can be aired on local cable TV channels...

16 Sep 2019

#Loeries2019: Our responsibility of better representation in advertising, media

The media and advertising industries play an important role in stirring the way society is portrayed. Here's why UN Women and Dove's masterclass session at Loeries 2019 called for the creative industry as a whole to take a stand and work actively towards better representation, particularly in terms of gender...

By Leigh Andrews 23 Aug 2019

British Airways to trial VR entertainment

British Airways customers will be transported to their own 3D cinema in the skies as the airline exclusively trials a new virtual reality headset...

15 Aug 2019

East Africa welcomes Animation du Monde 2020

Entries are currently open for East Africa Animation du Monde 2020...

6 Aug 2019

7 groundbreaking African films now on Showmax

The African film industry is booming - with a range of films from animation to documentary, the continent is not short of telling diverse stories...

2 Aug 2019

3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office

Since 2001, Bizcommunity anticipated the role of company culture as intellectual capital. Biz Press Offices are a "glass box" game changer, offering a window into 18 industry communities...

Issued by 23 Jul 2019

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