20 Jan 2018Vega School: Open DayCape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria
25 Jan 2018Press release and media writingCountrywide
25 Jan 2018Write a novel courseCountrywide
25 Jan 2018Write your memoirCountrywide
26 Jan 2018Writing for video gamesCountrywide
26 Jan 2018An introduction to poetryCountrywide
26 Jan 2018The basics of creative writingCountrywide
26 Jan 2018Writing articles for websites and blogsCountrywide
29 Jan 2018Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
29 Jan 2018Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
29 Jan 2018Creative writing coursesCountrywide
30 Jan 2018Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
30 Jan 2018Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
30 Jan 2018Web writing and SEOCountrywide
30 Jan 2018SA Writers College writing courses for 2017/18Nationwide
30 Jan 2018Basics of feature writingCountrywide
30 Jan 2018Coaching the writer withinCountrywide
31 Jan 2018Write for travel magazinesCountrywide
31 Jan 2018Write better newslettersCountrywide
31 Jan 2018Writing for social mediaCountrywide
31 Jan 2018Write a non-fiction bookCountrywide
1 Feb 2018InDesign basic to intermediateJohannesburg
2 Feb 2018Photoshop basic to intermediateJohannesburg
5 Feb 2018Illustrator basic to intermediateJohannesburg
5 Feb 2018Internal CommunicationWestern Cape
6 Feb 2018Smartphone photography courseCape Town
10 Feb 2018Basic video production workshopCape Town
12 Feb 2018Essentials of Digital Media ManagementJohannesburg
12 Feb 2018Essentials of digital media managementJohannesburg
12 Feb 2018Essentials of digital media managementJohannesburg
15 Feb 2018Professional event managementBloemfontein
19 Feb 2018Proofreading and editingRandburg
20 Feb 2018Mail & Guardian Crisis Management WorkshopJohannesburg
21 Feb 2018Creative writing for the mediaRandburg
22 Feb 2018Design Thinking and Empathy GenerationCape Town
26 Feb 2018Government Media course: Essential tools for editors and journalistsJohannesburg
27 Feb 2018Writing for SEO purposesJohannesburg
28 Feb 2018Reputation managementCape Town
28 Feb 2018Neuromarketing Seminar 2018Johannesburg
1 Mar 2018Writing in the electronic environmentRandburg
5 Mar 2018Strategic crisis managementRandburg
7 Mar 2018Dealing with media during a crisisRandburg
8 Mar 2018Social media managementLimpopo
9 Mar 2018Brand ManagementBotswana
12 Mar 2018Proofreading and editingCape Town
12 Mar 2018The essentials of broadcast media management courseJohannesburg
14 Mar 2018Three-day Design Thinking Facilitation TrainingCape Town
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