11 Dec 2017ArchiMateĀ® 3 trainingMidrand
11 Dec 2017Skills Development Facilitator CourseEast London
11 Dec 2017Designing Learning ProgrammesPort Elizabeth
11 Dec 2017Improving Health and Nutrition CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Integrated Water Resource Management CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Agriculture Value Chains CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Agriculture, Innovation and Technology CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Reproductive Health and Rights CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Introduction to Health Systems Management CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Data Processing and Management using CSPro CourseMombasa
11 Dec 2017Principles and Practice of Research Data Management and Collection CourseMombasa
11 Dec 2017Monetary and financial statistics 4courseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Labour Market Statistics and Labour Inspection CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Macroeconomic Modelling and Forecasting CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017PECB Certified Data Protection OfficerJohannesburg
11 Dec 2017Microeconometrics CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Stata CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Integrating gender in scientific research for research quality and equal impact courseNairobi
11 Dec 2017CSPro for Android and Smartphones CourseMombasa
11 Dec 2017ICT for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Implementation of ICT in Education with Moodle CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Using Joomla Content Management system (CMS) to Develop Custom and Dynamic Websites CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Emergency Needs Assessment CourseNairobi,
11 Dec 2017Social Audit CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017GIS and Remote Sensing in Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Grant Management and Fundraising CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Report writing skills courseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Public Governance and Administration Course.Nairobi
11 Dec 2017Advocacy and Lobbying skills CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Leadership Skills for Financial Managers CourseNairobi
11 Dec 2017Manager's Role in Capacity Building CourseNairobi
12 Dec 2017Leaders and Facilitators Empowering Organisations to ThriveHermanus
13 Dec 2017UML for business analystsJohannesburg
13 Dec 2017Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice CourseMombasa
13 Dec 2017Processing and Analysis of Data for Surveys/Assessment (Methodology and Software) CourseMombasa
13 Dec 2017Carpe Diem Conference - Essential Entrepreneurs EventCape Town
18 Dec 2017Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
18 Dec 2017Business writing skills courseCountrywide
18 Dec 2017Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
18 Dec 2017Creative writing coursesCountrywide
18 Dec 2017Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
18 Dec 2017Participatory M&E for Rural Development and Community Managed Programs CourseNairobi
18 Dec 2017Advanced training course on fire safety and fighting marshalNairobi
18 Dec 2017Food Safety and Hygiene Management CourseNairobi
18 Dec 2017Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety CourseNairobi
18 Dec 2017Effective Project Proposal and Report Writing CourseNairobi
18 Dec 2017M & E, Data Management, and Analysis for Health Sector Programmes CourseNairobi
18 Dec 2017Analysis of Labour Market Statistics CourseNairobi
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