22 Jan 2018Causes and Minimization of Post-Harvest Losses CourseNairobi
22 Jan 2018Agriculture Value Chains CourseNairobi
22 Jan 2018Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
22 Jan 2018Establishing and strengthening farmer organisations courseNairobi
29 Jan 2018Food Security Policies Formulation and Implementation CourseNairobi
29 Jan 2018Value Chain Development and Market Linkages CourseNairobi
29 Jan 2018Horticultural Production and Marketing CourseNairobi
29 Jan 2018GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Cover, Land Change Analysis CourseNairobi
12 Feb 2018Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices CourseNairobi
12 Feb 2018Causes and Minimisation of Post-Harvest LosNAIROBI
12 Feb 2018Agro Entrepreneurship and Market Facilitation CourseNairobi
12 Feb 2018Food Security Analysis CourseNAIROBI
12 Feb 2018Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis CourseNAIROBI
12 Feb 2018Resilient Livelihoods CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Agriculture Value Chains CourseNairobi
6 Oct 2018SA Agri Summit 2018Durban
1 Dec 2018Morocco FoodExpo 2018Casablanca
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