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    For new independent agency, Boundless, the future is a blank canvas

    It’s not every day that three seasoned pros at the top of their game come together to start a brand new independent agency. In fact, given that the agency officially opens its doors on 29 February, it’s not even every year.
    For new independent agency, Boundless, the future is a blank canvas

    The three pros in question: Roanna Williams, ex CCO Network and current chair of Creative Circle, Paul Jackson, ex CEO of Grey for ten years and Stuart Walsh, ex CSO of Grey for six years, have united to form Boundless, an agency comprised entirely of experts, with the bold and, as they each openly admit, 'quite scary' ambition of making The World’s Most-Loved IdeasTM.

    Currently operating across multiple countries in Europe and Africa with expansion plans for the Middle East by end of 2024, the agency has already applied its philosophy of heartfelt creativity to bring about irresistible change for clients like Google and Diageo in Europe, and Sony and Corona in South Africa. In fact, the short film created for Corona’s Moletele Lime Project has already won an Orchid and gold at SAB’s Creative X Awards.

    Chief creative officer, Williams, describes the agency’s vision as “creating the kind of work that makes indifference impossible, because when ideas are powerfully felt, rather than just seen, action is almost inevitable.”

    While head of strategy, Walsh, echoes this, he takes great pains to explain the strategic genius at the heart of opening the agency on 29 February. “Now we only need to do anniversary parties every four years. The money we save can buy a great deal of tequila.”

    As for the name, why Boundless?
    That you’ll have to ask them.

    Visit, contact az.ten.sseldnuob@luap, or follow on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

    An agency comprised entirely of experts. Our ambition is to create The World’s Most-Loved Ideas™️.
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