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The Faraday Muti Market, a popular African traditional medicine market in downtown Johannesburg. Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
What South Africa is doing to protect and share traditional medicine resourcesArticle

African traditional medicine is gaining attention and innovation interest despite the advances in modern medicine...

Adeyemi Oladapo Aremu, Martha Pinkoane & Tozama Qwebani-Ogunleye 23 Sep 2020

Traditional medicines sold at a South African market.
Rebecca and William Beinart
The story of the pharma giant and the African yamArticle

It was a drug produced in Nottingham in the United Kingdom that led us on a journey to South Africa to visit muthi markets, archives, herbariums and nature reserves...

William Beinart 10 Feb 2020

Africa's genetic material is still being misusedArticle

Biodiversity - the variation in all living organisms - is one of Africa's richest assets. As a result, its genetic material is coveted by scientists, biotechnology companies and research institutes globally...

Keymanthri Moodley 9 Jan 2020

Traditional medicines on sale in Kibera slum in Nairobi. Flickr
Kenya's struggle to modernise traditional medicine is far from wonArticle

Over 70% of Kenyans rely on traditional healers as their primary source of healthcare...

John Harrington 31 Aug 2018

Drawn out battle over genetic resources dampens Africa's hopes
Drawn out battle over genetic resources dampens Africa's hopesArticle

The global South is full of significant, diverse biological and genetic resources...

Chidi Oguamanam 4 May 2016

The trouble with using synthetic rhino horn to stop poaching
The trouble with using synthetic rhino horn to stop poachingArticle

In 2014, one rhino was killed every eight hours. That was in South Africa alone, where most of the world's rhinos live. At this rate...

Diogo Veríssimo 6 Jul 2015

Permit problems for some exporters
Permit problems for some exportersArticle

The makers and exporters of some of the best-known SA products derived from indigenous plants and organisms have laid themselves open to criminal prosecution by failing to acquire the necessary permits. Rooibos tea and SA's best-selling liqueur, Amarula Cream, are among many such products apparently being produced and exported without the required permits from the environmental affairs department.

Shannon Sherry 1 Nov 2010

Issa Sikiti da Silva
How media mismanage reporting on biodiversityArticle

Journalists worldwide stand accused of creating hype by focusing too much on attention-seeking issues, and in the process marginalising “less glamorous” topics such as biodiversity, that are critical to secure livelihoods - a vital foundation in which humanity is built.

Issa Sikiti da Silva 7 Jan 2010

Patenting melon juice? Not if India gets its wayArticle

Fed up with foreign companies patenting traditional medicine from India, the country's top scientific body is compiling a giant database of everything from yoga positions to medicinal fruit juice.

28 Dec 2009

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