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How to drive online visitors

Tom Garrahan, CEO of AlphaQ, opened up the at the second The Marketing Show (of which he is the executive producer) with a snapshot look at what drives visitors to a website. This last day of the show took place in Bryanston, Johannesburg, yesterday, Tuesday, 5 May 2009.

By Eve Dmochowska 6 May 2009

How marketers can make sense of the web

Kath Roderick from Microsoft gave a very insightful talk on e-marketing innovations - and how to stay ahead of the pack - at the second and last day of The Marketing Show in Bryanston, Johannesburg, yesterday, Tuesday, 5 May 2009.

By Eve Dmochowska 6 May 2009

Making innovation work in today's environment

Bill Carney, senior marketing professor at the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, gave a most inspiring lecture at The Marketing Show in Bryanston, Johannesburg, yesterday, Monday, 4 May 2009. He wasn't actually here - in fact he was in a hospital bed in Geneva, but with a bit of technology, a wing and a prayer, he was able to deliver his talk to a captive audience.

By Eve Dmochowska 5 May 2009

Setting a clear strategy for your brand

John Buckie is the director of marketing of Practice Corporate Executive Board Europe. Its flagship Marketing Leadership Council works with over 800 heads of marketing around the world, and identifies critical challenges facing their members. The council then looks globally to find out who has already tackled these challenges successfully, with proven best practices. It then documents these best practices and shares it with their members.

By Eve Dmochowska 5 May 2009

QVC - learning the power of online

Anyone curious about the potential impact of online activity on brand reputation need look no further than the Quality Vacation Club (QVC) saga currently playing itself out in the South African blogosphere.

By Eve Dmochowska 11 Dec 2008

Social media to rescue Jail4Bail campaign?

Gerhard Pieterse, the executive director of Autism Western Cape, has committed himself to voluntary imprisonment as a fund-raising exercise in support of autism. With the goal of reaching R1 000 000 in raised funds, initially, the marketing of Jail4Bail has been much as you would expect: using traditional press releases, and relying on conventional media to spread the word.

By Eve Dmochowska 19 Aug 2008

Friend Connect: knocking down the walls

As the Internet's content grows at an exponential rate, the major problem of content creators is attracting eyeballs to their sites. Social networks and social media have eased the problem somewhat, by allowing a user to promote good content using Digg/Muti, StumbleUpon or even Facebook. But these methods still rely on others actually visiting Digg, or Muti, and interacting with the content. Google's latest offering, Friend Connect, attempts to offer a solution.

By Eve Dmochowska 16 May 2008

Further new media marketing learnings

Here are further nuggets of wisdom from day two of last week's New Media Marketing Conference hosted by IQPC, seasoned with my own opinions.

By Eve Dmochowska 4 Apr 2008

Next big thing is here – mobile ads

At last week's New Media Marketing Conference in Johannesburg, Rick Joubert from Vodacom told the audience that last year mobile advertising spend equaled that of online ad spend and it is predicted that by 2011 mobile ad spend in South Africa will rise to R1.5 billion.

By Eve Dmochowska 2 Apr 2008

Learnings about new media marketing

There were some excellent speakers present at last week's the IQPC New Media Marketing Conference in Johannesburg, and some golden bits of wisdom were dished out. While I live blogged some of the talks, after a weekend of retrospection, I offer here a more succinct summary, peppered with my own opinions.

By Eve Dmochowska 31 Mar 2008

Stormhoek calls on social media power – again

If your company's outsourced contractors were in a R6 million financial crisis due to no fault of their own, and you wanted to help them out, who would you turn to for help? If you are Stormhoek winery, you dodge the bank manager and turn to your biggest fan club – your customer base.

By Eve Dmochowska 6 Mar 2008

Microhoo or Yasoft: how does it affect you?

Microsoft has made a bid to buy Yahoo. There is a lot of hoopla about it in the press, and there is grave concern as to “what happens now?”. Frankly, I do not share the excitement.

By Eve Dmochowska 6 Feb 2008

An open letter to all consumers

Hey, You! Just want to say thanks for all the input into the online world so far. We've appreciated the time you have spent generating content for the Web 2.0 sites, we enjoy some of those videos you post on YouTube and we liked that picture of you on the cover of Time magazine.

By Eve Dmochowska 5 Dec 2007

Facebook and Google: who should worry?

Microsoft last week invested US$240 million in Facebook, resulting in a US$15 billion evaluation for the social network. I fear that this might be the beginning of the end of the Facebook mania. Personally, I would have preferred to see an investment by Google.

By Eve Dmochowska 29 Oct 2007

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