Coca cola the best branded product ever?

Coca cola has been producing adds that are just the best branded ever, or so i think. What is your comment? Think about the always Coca cola, Coca cola summer splush. i can go on. Are they the best or what? BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Makes a meal. 5 Sep 2008

OR Tambo/ Mango... where is the branding hoo haa?

Joburg International became OR Tambo and SAA launched Mango but I have seen no big hoo haa branding at the airport. Am I missing something? 28 Nov 2006

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How does a celebrity's smile affect his personal brand?

Having done a bibliographical research about the importance of the smile in leadership, I was surprised to how it had a "defining" impact on followership, and significantly impacted the bottom-line results. Now, I am extending my research to personal branding. 3 Jul 2005

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Freedom to Laugh it Off?

Does the Constitutional Court's ruling in favour of Laugh it Off strike a blow for freedom of speech or does it erode a company's intellectual property rights? 29 May 2005

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The Human Brand

Are the creators and custodians of brands in touch with their own humanity? 24 Mar 2005

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Branding in the First/Third World

South Africa is often characterized (wrongly or rightly) as both a 'First World and Third World' country. How does this impact on branding strategy? 22 Feb 2005

Toyota's new slogan

Toyota changed its corporate slogan to 'Lead the Way', dropping 'Everything keeps going right'. 30 Oct 2004

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Our industry stinks

Marketing & Branding - the most non-committal, shortsighted industries in the world? I now find myself in the position of looking for a job after 2 years of running my own company... 1 Jul 2004

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What happened to African ideas?

As a consumer everything I come across nowadays is a rehashed American or European idea that has been altered just enough so as to be sold locally. 1 Jun 2004

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Who's got power to decide on what to divest?

Competition tribunal VS Organisations. 11 Jun 2003

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