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Your ideal line up at radio stations

Yo, what do you think would be an ideal line up for radio stations at the moment? We all know they're busy with contract renegotiations. 9 Mar 2007

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Cape Talk - Unlistenable over weekends

Cape Talks' weekend lineup is dreadful. 3 Mar 2007

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Getting Started In Radio

Hi I am currently a marketing manager wishing to get into the Radio industry part-time (evenings/weekends etc.) I'm electing to do a 1 week course on the technical side, and then perhaps volunteering at a community station. Does anyone have any advice or contacts in this regard? Any correspondence appreciated :) 26 Feb 2007

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Radio broadcasting

i've just graduated from radio broadcasting now it's difficult for me to find interships please advice 24 Jan 2007

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Robert Marawa to be fired from Metro FM

The biggest losers will be Robert and Metro FM indeed because they won't find a suitable replacement for Rob's big shoes! 28 Nov 2006

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Radio courses

Looking for short intense practical radio courses on offer 28 Nov 2006

Freeing the air waves

The Electronic Communications Act came into being this year. It is very difficult for me to understand the logic behind a clause in the ACT which give new applicants the RIGHT to go on air should they not get any response from the Authority within 30 days. 24 Nov 2006

More Mike Wills

What I'd like to know, two months down the line, is how many people still listen to the Cape Talk breakfast show after Mike's departure. Did everybody give up and resign themselves to being dumbed down or do you, like me, now do the SAFM/Cape Talk shuffle? 24 Nov 2006

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Mike Will's departure from Cape Talk

The recent reshuffle, and departure of Mike Wills from Cape Talk has gone down with relatively little comment from the media and advertising industry as a whole. 6 Jul 2006

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DAB pilot transmissions

DAB radio has been available on a test basis in Gauteng since 1997. One analogue VHF frequency will enable seven digital channels to broadcast in the same bandwidth. Why has it not been licensed here? 26 Apr 2006

Inferior language used in ads

Listening to radio commercials one frequently comes across spots being done by people who don't speak the language. 6 Oct 2005

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Radio Ga Ga revisited...

Have South African radio stations changed for the better? 23 May 2005

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The awarding of radio licences

The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) wants to double the number of available commercial radio licences within the next couple of years. How can we be assured that these licences will be awarded fairly? 4 May 2005

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Local radio stations in trouble?

On SAFM last Sunday, Jeremy Maggs was discussing with two gentlemen from the SABC a new concept by the state broadcaster. What was said (in a nutshell) is that SABC will be using a new method where broadcasting splits at a certain time. Confused? Please bear with me. 13 Apr 2005

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What is it with the terrible ads on YFM?

I'm an avid listener of YFM and the standard of their ads keeps dropping, what's going on? 31 Mar 2005

Viva intenet radio

What does internet delivery of entertainment mean for our local industries? Can and do we compete? 22 Mar 2005

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DHL Radio Advert

Should people who make such bad adverts be subjected to public flogging? 20 Jan 2005

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Metro Bus has contributed facilities to Jo'burg City Community Radio

The Newly Establihed Jo-burg City Community Radio's dreams are about to be realized, Metro Bus contributed office facilities at Ghandi Square. 14 Jan 2005

Why can't Yfm go national?

Sometime last year when I was in Jozi, I listened to Yfm for the very first time and liked it but now that I'm back home there's no more Yfm. WHY? 19 Nov 2004

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Constantly fed bad news

I think that one of the reasons that South Africans are so negative is that we're fed bad news every half an hour on the radio. 16 Nov 2004

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Jo-burg City Community Radio

Jo-burg City Community Radio Needs Funding! 8 Nov 2004

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''They say that black people don't read...''

The most offensive radio ad I've heard in a very long time is currently being aired on Cape Talk, and probably other stations too. 14 Oct 2004

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Radio spots not being played in full

I listened to three well known South African radio stations over a period of three days and was shocked at the lack of decency with which advertising spots are treated. 26 Aug 2004

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Radio Ga Ga

Are South African radio stations alienating a wealthy market? 5 Aug 2004

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DJs and their radio pranks!

I just read an article online about Nigel Pierce being suspended from Good Hope FM. 29 Jul 2004

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What a pleasure to wake up to Alex on 94.7 now that the Rude Awakening team is on leave!

Alex Jay's witty commentary, music knowledge, all-round pleasant personality and sexy voice make for a welcome change to the vulgar, offensive and inane twaddle that emanates from Jeremy and his laughing hyaena team. 21 Jul 2004

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IEC not in touch with SA roots

Is local not lekker for IEC after ten years of democracy? There is an IEC re-registor advert running on radio which encourages people to vote. The peculiar thing is the voice is that of American R&B singer. 16 Jan 2004

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M-Net and Supersport advertising

Is it only me who is irritated by the tedious onslaught of own-channel, self promotional advertising that envelops just about any sporting event broadcast on these channels. 12 Mar 2003

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More news on Community Radio

I would like to request more info/news on smaller radio stations. 3 Feb 2003

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Reliable information on Radio in South Africa requested

Can anyone assist me in finding case studies of campaigns launched on radio only - either retail, travel and transport, food beverages, health and beauty, business-to-business and Education. 27 Jan 2003

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