Wedding Co-ordination Business

How does one get a foot in the door? 19 Feb 2007

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Entry level event co-ordinators

Solid foundation... 30 Jan 2007

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Conferences about this and that

Why do we have to pay so much for something that is freely available online? 12 Dec 2006


Does anyone know how one becomes a Certified Special Events Professional through ISES if you DON'T live in JHB? 27 Apr 2005

Professional versus community

What are the main differences between a professional event and a community event? 25 Apr 2005

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2010 Soccer World Cup - Are we ready?

It seems that after the bid was won, all comunication to the general public (who are indeed stakeholders in this event) has ground to a halt. 10 Mar 2005

Miss SA -- where has the glamour gone??

Miss SA as broadcasted on SABC 1 on Saturday, 11 December 2004. 14 Dec 2004

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How big is the need for a reliable source of Event Service providers?

Venues, Caterers, Entertainment, Conferencing. Where do you find service providers for your events? 5 Jul 2004

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